Ukraine: Dozens of Draft Dodgers Died Fleeing The Country

by Vern Evans

Since war is nothing more than the genocide of the slaves in certain geographical areas based on who wants to rule them, it makes sense that the general slave class is waking up and fleeing rather than killing or getting killed for someone who wants to control them and steal from them. But Ukraine is taking it to an all-new level and trying to paint the “draft dodgers” as bad people.

Around 30 men have lost their lives while attempting to illegally escape, a border guard spokesman has said according to a report by RT. Andrey Demchenko, a spokesman for Ukraine’s border service, told Ukrinform news agency in an interview published on Monday that these draft dodgers are choosing morality and even possibly death over abject slavery.

Demchenko also noted that people who attempt to illegally leave the country rarely do so on their own, and often use the services of criminal organizations that offer help in crossing the border. However, most of these groups do not provide real assistance, he said, leaving the draft dodgers at the mercy of nature and wild animals.

Weird. People would rather be at nature’s mercy than be slaves. It’s as if people are finally realizing the mental slave system that’s been put up around them hinges on their ability to obey and believe someone has the right the rule them.

“They receive some instructions, transfer funds somewhere… and when they reach the border, they find that they would have to cross a mountain river… Many lose their lives when trying to cross rivers or scale ridges. In total, since the beginning of the [war], about 30 people have died trying to cross the border illegally,” the spokesman stated. Attempts to flee Ukraine to avoid abject enslavement happen every day.

“Every day we refuse border crossing to about 120 people, most often… when a person cannot confirm the purpose of his trip,” the spokesman stated, adding that the number of attempted illegal crossings has not decreased since last year. Men trying to avoid military service by leaving the country have been known to change into women’s clothes, hide in boxes, and even niches for spare wheels in cars, Demchenko added.

The BBC recently reported that from February 2022 to September 2023, nearly 20,000 men fled Ukraine to avoid being drafted. Another estimate made by Austrian news outlet Express with reference to Eurostat data suggested that the number could be as high as 650,000.

The sad reality is that it is always wrong to force someone against their will to do something, let alone something as immoral as killing another human being. But this is the unfortunate world we live in, and we will need more people to realize the truth before anything is going to change.

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