U.S. Government’s Plan for Nuclear War

by Vern Evans

The threat of a nuclear attack on American soil has been looming since the introduction of atomic weapons. In response to the threat of nuclear war, the Government has established plan for nuclear war to address a catastrophic event. To that end, I recently watched a great video on the Magic Prepper’s YouTube channel (definitely subscribe there!), which covers recently declassified documents that have shed light on the Government’s response plan following a nuclear incident within the United States. In light of that documents and considering the status of current global events, it’s crucial for everyone to be prepared for the possibility of a nuclear conflict.

Therefore, if you’re taking the threat of nuclear war seriously and are preparing for the possibility of a nuclear event happening in the United States of America, then I suggest that you read the rest of this article because we all need to be ready for anything at this point.

The Document

In 1962, during President John F. Kennedy’s administration, a classified document called “On a Reexamination of Federal Policy with Respect to Emergency Plans and Continuity of Government in the Event of a Nuclear Attack on the United States” was developed. This document outlines the structure of the Government’s response following a nuclear strike on the US.

Document LINK

The Emergency Period

A crucial section in the document titled “Emergency Period,” warrants your attention because although these plans may have undergone modifications, it is highly probable that they remain in effect and will be put into action in the event of a nuclear attack on the United States.

The “Emergency Period” explains the following three phases: Pre-attack, Nuclear Exchange and Continuation of Hostilities, and Post-Hostilities.

Phase 1: Pre-Attack

The first phase is the “Pre-Attack” phase, which says that the Government will:

Develop plans, procedures, and understandings among all Federal elements and suppliers and distributors of consumer supplies to permit effective post-attack consumer rationing.

What does this mean? It means that the Government has likely already planned for consumer rationing to be a certainty in the event of a nuclear incident within the United States. As such, the primary objective of the Federal Government is to implement rationing on a massive scale. They aim to maintain complete control over all supplies within the civilian population so they can distribute them as deemed necessary. Thus, it’s crucial to recognize that rationing is undoubtedly possible and that you may be subject to restrictions on essential supplies. In essence, obtaining the items you and your family need most could become a challenge, if not impossible.

Phase 2: Nuclear Exchange and Continuation of Hostilities

Newspaper headline that reads

Now, the second part of the “Emergency Period” table that is important to consider is the “Nuclear exchange and Continuation of Hostilities” phase. This is the conflict phase.

This phase of the document outlines the course of action the Government will take during and following a nuclear conflict. Bear in mind that the conclusion of “continued hostilities” will be determined by the Government. This, as demonstrated by the COVID pandemic, should raise concerns because the Government can declare a crisis as still happening, even after it has ended.

The document states that it will, during the “Nuclear Exchange and Continuation of Hostilities” phase:

Immediately decentralize administration of program; authorize State and local direct control actions. Issue freeze and release orders, anti-hoarding and requisition orders, conservation and limitation orders. Determine the amounts and kinds of things to be rationed and who is to receive allocations.

The sentence, “Immediately decentralize administration of program. Authorize State and local direct control actions,” is the Government’s way of saying that it will decentralize the Federal Government’s power by allocating authority to the State and local level where control measures will happen. So, just because you live in rural America doesn’t mean you won’t be affected by these orders. That’s because the Government already has plans to empower your local Government with the authority to do whatever it is that they feel they need to do at the time.

Freeze and Release Orders

In addition to decentralizing power, the Government will also issue freeze and release orders, which are probably related to the banking system. They’re going to freeze everyone’s ability to withdraw money. They’re going to freeze banking in general. A lot of the financial aspect of what would happen in the aftermath of a nuclear attack will be assets being frozen and trade no longer being allowed because they need to keep their securities in place to maintain the economy’s stability. Otherwise, people may panic, and the economy would crash and burn. That means all of your assets, any of your resources tied up in investments and financial portfolios or the banking system, may be inaccessible—no money, no retirement account access, nothing.

Anti-Hoarding and Requisition Orders

World War II ration book

Now, the other thing is the anti-hoarding and requisition orders. These are the anti-hoarding orders that are going to be issued, which means you will be limited on just about everything you can think of needing. It doesn’t matter if it’s food, it doesn’t matter if it’s needed equipment, it doesn’t matter if it’s medical supplies. Anti-hoarding orders will be fully enforced by the law, especially during the likely scenario of martial law.—meaning all items will be affected by these orders. Just think back to 2020, and the fights over toilet paper and how preppers were demonized for having supplies on hand, and you’ll have an idea of where this may lead.

When it comes to the requisition orders, they are related to the military and the federal Government taking priority over acquiring whatever is being produced by the manufacturing and supply chain. So, at a minimum, we, the civilian population, should expect to get the last of the supplies. More importantly, would you put it past the “authorities” and the emergency powers to forcibly “requisition” what you have for redistribution at their whim?

And that feeds into the “Conservation and Limitation Orders.” Those orders mean that everything will need to be conserved and limited so that the Government has enough for whatever, whoever, and wherever they decide the needed supplies will go.

The What and Who of Rationing

The last part, the “Nuclear Exchange and Continuation of Hostilities” phase, is to “determine the amounts and kinds of things to be rationed and who is to receive allocations.”

In other words, not only will the Government determine how much needs to be rationed or what types of things need to be rationed, but they’re going to decide who receives the rationed supplies. For those who practice a self-reliant lifestyle, I wouldn’t expect the government to put you as a top priority for who’s going to get some of these supplies and rations.

Will the government approve you to receive the supplies you and your family may desperately need? That all depends on Uncle Sugars’ naughty or nice list. Where do you think you rank in the hierarchy of government resource allocations?


The third part of this emergency period is the “Post-Hostilities” phase. And here’s what the document says about the third phase:

Phase into national direct controls. Develop a national system, refine the system and extend control back through the distribution chain to the producers. Institute legal enforcement procedures.

Essentially, during the “Nuclear Exchange and Continuation of Hostilities” stage, the Government will attempt to restore Federal authority and rebuild everything from where it was shattered. This is when the Federal authorities try to revert to the pre-crisis state. Regrettably, this is typically the most challenging aspect to achieve during crisis scenarios because, once gained, emergency powers are seldom, if ever, relinquished. That’s an important concept to remember because, in the end, it could lead us farther down the path of authoritarian power.

What Does the Government Power Play Mean for Preparedness?

Anonymous person with fake news

It means that once the nukes go off, the Federal Government plans to take control of all aspects of society. And they will attempt to take control of society by controlling your access to everything from your money to food, to fuel, and so on.

The Government is almost certain to control access to supplies needed to protect against nuclear fallout, radiation, and other dangers. Items like CBRN gear, potassium iodide, or other survival necessities may be rationed and potentially challenging to obtain. Therefore, it’s crucial to secure these items in advance, as they will be distributed based on the government’s decisions during a crisis, and access to them may be limited.

(Here is a link to a helpful article I wrote about Potassium Iodide)

Information Control

One area that we saw the Government take control of, as evidenced by the Twitter Files, is the flow of information. With the legacy media fully locked into the Government’s propaganda and narrative control machine, the one place the Government will likely focus is on control of the Internet. That control could take the form of increased censoring or even shutting people off from the Internet due to the Government stating it “needs more bandwidth to make you safe.” So, try to figure out ways to learn the truth instead of being fed the official narrative. Maybe that means ham radio or establishing a network of people across the country to keep yourself plugged in and situationally aware.

Impact on Businesses

In the event of a nuclear conflict, as we saw with COVID, Government regulations will apply not only to individuals but also to businesses. The government will decide who stays open, who closes, and who gets resupplied. In other words, if you operate a business, such as a mechanic shop, a beauty salon, etc., the supplies and materials you have on hand may be targeted for reallocation to prioritize the Government’s interest over the survival of your business and source of income.

Additionally, banking freeze orders may be implemented, which could prevent normal business transactions from taking place. This means that even if you wanted to buy supplies, you may not be able to do so due to the frozen systems. Sadly, and most likely, even if systems begin to come back online, the likelihood that supplies will be limited still exists. After all, it’s 2023 and our supply chain is still glitching following the COVID years.

The Bottom Line on the U.S. Government’s Plan for Nuclear War

The Government’s previously classified document is a key indicator of what to expect should a nuclear event happen. It’s also very relevant to what the world is experiencing right now with the increased possibility of the use of nuclear weapons. As such, it also gives you an idea of what you should prepare for even if you aren’t in an area directly impacted by a nuclear detonation.

This is an important aspect of preparedness because you don’t just need to survive the immediate aftermath of a nuclear blast, but you need to be prepared to survive the government stepping in and rationing and putting all these limitations in place around the country, regardless of how close you are to the blast zone.

What are your thoughts on preparing for the Government’s possible actions in the event of a nuclear incident? What do you think would happen? Tell us in the comments below.


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