Top 10 SHTF Stocking Stuffers

by Vern Evans

Still have some holiday shopping left to do? If you are like me, stockings are one of the hardest parts of gift-giving! For me, though, I love to fill them with tiny SHTF items that will come in handy whether they are preppers or not. Here are 10 of my favorite holiday SHTF stocking stuffers!

1: Sillcock Key

A sillcock key is a fantastic preparedness tool. It can get you access to water in situations where you might not otherwise be able to find any. The different-sized fittings on the key can be used to open water spigots on the outsides of buildings. (Think hotels, gas stations, and restaurants) Small and sturdy, these metal keys look like mini-tire irons and are a must-have, especially if you live in urban areas. These are also great for car kits in case you need to source water during a vehicle emergency. Grab one for every bug-out bag or person in your household. Then, toss it in the glove compartment or backpack until needed. You can find one here.

2: Zzips Cut Kit

This remarkable technology is a must-have for any emergency medical kit. With a Zzips kit, you can close up lacerations up to three inches without stitches. These are great to keep in every first aid kit, as they barely occupy any space. So much easier than suturing and more secure than Steri-strips. Place the Zzips bandage on either side of the cut and pull the hasps until the injury has closed. Wound care has never been so easy. Grab a few here!

3: Pepper Spray

Whether it be a person in the city or an animal in the countryside, there is always something we may need protection from. Carrying pepper spray in your purse, pocket, or car can help you feel protected and secure. This handheld pepper spray packs quite a punch! This particular model also includes a UV dye to mark your attacker. It’s great for students, the elderly, or anyone who may find themselves in a sketchy situation. Here’s the one I carry with me everywhere!

4: Sawyer Mini

In an emergency situation, clean, drinkable water is a must-have. The human body can only survive for three days without water. But drinking contaminated water can kill you just as fast. Keep this pocket-sized Sawyer Mini on hand to ensure you can safely stay hydrated in any situation. Just fill the included 16 oz. pouch, attach the filter, and enjoy some liquid gold. At just 2 ounces, you won’t even feel it in your kit. Each Sawyer Mini can filter up to 100,000 gallons of H20.

While on a vacation in 2019, my friend used hers to drink water from a muddy puddle with zero ill effects. Grab a few and toss one in everyone’s stocking this year! You can get yours here.

5: Handcuff Key

Here’s a fun survival gift that won’t take up much space at all! Grab a handcuff key for the rowdy prepper or urban dweller in your life. With the attached pocket clip, these are super easy to add as part of your EDC. Clip it inside your pocket or waistband, and you’ll be ready for any handcuff ‘incident’ that may occur. Here’s the one I keep clipped inside my coat.

Hunters and campers will love these trailmarkers

6: Trail Markers

Have some hunters and campers in your holiday circle? These durable and reusable trail markers would make a perfect holiday gift! Use them in hundreds of situations to leave a highly reflective breadcrumb trail! Hunters can use them when tracking an animal. Campers could use them when searching the forest for firewood. Preppers can use them to mark trails or caches. The uses are limitless! Here’s where you can grab some!

7: Bic Lighters

Can you ever go wrong with Bic Lighters? At around a dollar a piece, the benefits of having a fire at your fingertips far outweigh the cost! Throw them in every drawer of your house. Keep some in your car. Toss one in your pocket, on your desk, or in your garage! Every adult on your shopping list could benefit from a pack of Bics in their stocking this year!

Stuff an Israeli bandage in someone's stocking this year to help make them more prepared

8: Israeli Bandage

Most non-preppers have some First-aid supplies on hand, but few are prepared for traumatic injuries. Israeli bandages can help control massive bleeding and are easy to apply quickly. This 6″ version has over 1,100 reviews on Amazon and rates at a 4.8. There are two in each package, so you can gift them in more than one stocking this Christmas! I promise you won’t be sorry for having a few of these around!

9: Headlamp

Everyone needs a headlamp. I keep one on my nightstand for late-night power outages and one near the front door in case I come home to a blackout. I also have one in my car in case I have to walk after a breakdown or look under my hood. My bug-out bag has two… just in case. Kids will love wearing them for fun, and adults will appreciate the hands-free operations they allow. Here’s the one I grabbed this year as a stocking stuffer for my brother and my son-in-law.

Black Beard Fire plugs come 50 per bag and are eco-friendly and fire-proof

10: Black Beard Fire Plugs

Campers, preppers, and hunters alike can all appreciate that once you flick that Bic, you need something to burn if you hope to keep a fire going. These waterproof fireplugs from Black Beard Fire Starters are exactly what you need. Each plug has up to eight minutes of burn time. They’re non-toxic, odorless, and have a 30-year shelf life. They come 50 to a bag, and right now, the website is offering a “Buy 2 Bags – Get 2 Free” sale, just in time for the holidays! They’re the perfect gift to top that stocking off!

Final Thoughts

Everything here is something I either personally own or have purchased as a stocking stuffer myself this year, so I know they’re reliable products. What are some of your favorite go-to items that would make great SHTF stocking stuffers? Share them with us in the comments!



Top 10 SHTF Stocking Stuffers

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