The Cybertruck: The Ultimate Preparedness Vehicle?

by Vern Evans

Joe Rogan had Elon Musk on his podcast to talk about the Cybertruck. In my opinion, which I know this might be controversial to what some preparedness people think, the Cybertruck is a great daily driver option if you live in an urban area and you’re not driving over 500 miles because that’s what the limitations on the range, and as a bug out vehicle, primarily because it is bullet resistant.

The Toughness of Preparedness Trucks

The fact is that trucks are supposed to be tough—especially preparedness trucks. Unfortunately, unless you’re paying a lot of money for an up-armored, bullet-resistant truck, your truck isn’t tough when it comes to crime, civil unrest, and so on.

That’s because car bodies and doors are very thin, mild steel. As a result, there’s a definite probability that if a vehicle is shot, unlike in the movies where people hide behind car doors, the rounds will penetrate the vehicle and possibly go through both sides.

Cybertruck’s Bullet Resistance

While hiding behind standard car doors doesn’t work, it does with the Cybertruck, which is constructed of “ultra-hard 30X cold-rolled stainless steel.” As such, and depending on the caliber of the round, the Cybertruck is bulletproof. The Cybertruck stands up so well against bullets that Elon Musk is going to empty 50 rounds of .45ACP from a Tommy Gun into the side of the Cybertruck, with no penetrations.

The windows on it are made of Tesla armored glass, which offers some level of impact resistance. However, Elon Musk did say that you can upgrade to ballistic-rated windows. The problem with ballistic windows, though, is that they are too thick and heavy to roll down. However, if you are okay with not rolling your windows down, you can have windows that will shrug off rifle rounds.

Benefits of Extended Range

In my case, I have a 2021 GMC crew cab dually with a 100-gallon transfer tank in the bed that’s directly plumbed into my fuel tank. So when it’s full, I have 138 gallons of diesel fuel. That way, if the world goes to heck, and depending on how fast I’m driving and the load I’m hauling, I can drive over 2000 miles without stopping to refuel.

The benefit of having the extended range allows me not only to avoid stopping for fuel but also to avoid interacting with the most significant threat during difficult times: other people. It allows me not to have to go to a gas station or, if something terrible does happen and gas stations don’t have power for the pumps—not to be impacted. It also decreases my time on the road because I don’t have to stop, get off the highway, get into the pumps, fill up, and then head back out again.

Cybertruck’s Range

The Cybertruck offers a similar aspect to the driving resilience equation, and its ballistic protection takes that to the next level. With the Cybertruck’s top-end range of 500 miles, it can put some serious distance between you and trouble. I write that knowing there are a lot of nay-sayers out there when it comes to the range of electric vehicles. Personally, I think 500 miles is a range that a lot of people can fit into their preparedness plans. If you think about it, if you’re in town when things go south and your goal is to get back home, and home is within 500 miles, you’re set.

Safety and Security with Ballistic Protection

On top of that, you now have ballistic protection. You have a ballistically resistant vehicle that can travel 500 miles without worrying as much about the violence in the streets. Think about if something happens and you must pick your kids up from school and drive them through a chaotic city. That ballistic protection will be a welcome safety and security feature.

Likewise, if you have a vacation home / bug-out location or a friend’s place to go to that lives a ways away from you, as long as they’re under 500 miles and you keep your vehicle charged up, you should be able to get there. And again, you have ballistic protection.

Reduced Noise of Electric Vehicles

Another added benefit of the Cybertruck is the reduced noise print of electric vehicles. “A conventional gasoline engine car emits a sound that can reach up to 95 decibels (dB). In contrast, electric cars emit an average sound level of around 50 dB, which is equivalent to the sound of a quiet conversation.” (Source) The reduced noise level of EVs decreases the likelihood of being noticed while en-route to your destination. Moreover, if the reduced noise of your EV is detected, it will be detected later than a gasoline, or diesel powered vehicle, giving the opposition less time to react to your presence. In turn, that gives you more time (aka initiative) when determining and taking action on your part.

Photo of the Tesla Cybertruck in an outdoor camping setting

Considering the Cybertruck for Preparedness

My truck, even with as far as it can go, doesn’t have ballistic protection. And Elon Musk is exactly right: rounds will come screaming through the outer skin of the truck. And if you and your family are inside a vehicle like that, you may get stitched up. I say that as someone who drove around Iraq in vehicles with bolt-on armor that left your lower body mostly exposed. And as someone who spent a lot of time doing that, just waiting for those rounds to come through the door is anything other than reassuring.

So, as far as the Cybertruck goes, in the right circumstances, it may be an excellent opportunity to up your preparedness game. The bullet resistance, a 500-mile range, and the carrying capacity of a truck, plus an air filtration system, make it a vehicle worth considering.

Addressing Concerns About Electric Vehicles

Yes, people will say it’s an electric vehicle—what about an EMP? What if the grid goes down? How will you charge it up? Here’s my short answer: all any of us can do is do our best to be as resilient as possible. Doing our best means that we need to be as prepared as possible for all eventualities. And to that end, the Cybertruck may be one more tool in the preparedness toolbox to help carry the day when the chips are down.

The Bottom Line on the Cybertruck

As I mentioned, depending on your circumstances, this is a preparedness vehicle option that you may want to consider. When compared to other vehicles on the market, the Cybertruck offers you an excellent option for you and your self-reliance.

So, with that, what are your thoughts on the Cybertruck? Tell us in the comments below!


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The Cybertruck: The Ultimate Preparedness Vehicle?

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