Freeze Dried Holiday Gifts for Everyone on Your List!

by Vern Evans

Still have some holiday gifts left to figure out but you’ve run out of ideas? If you have a freeze dryer, your search is over! Between the things you freeze-dried throughout the year and the nine days we have left until Christmas, you have lots of presents at your fingertips! Here are some ideas for freeze-dried holiday gifts to get you started!

Remember, always include full directions if the dish needs rehydrating, and list the date you packaged the items. Be sure to label them to let the recipient know if an oxygen absorber is inside. Also, let them know that items should be removed from any Mylar packaging before rehydrating unless the packaging was designed explicitly for that purpose.

Freeze-Dried Gifts for Teachers

Almost everyone loves candy, and teachers are no exception. Some freeze-dried Skittles in a holiday tin from Dollar Tree are sure to brighten anyone’s day!

Or, for a twist on the traditional “apple for the teacher,” bring some freeze-dried apples in a two-quart mason jar. Use a moisture absorber instead of an oxygen absorber for anything where the jar/package may be opened frequently.

Freeze-Dried Hostess Gifts

If you attend any holiday parties this season, you’ll want to take along a small gift for your host or hostess. Since you already know they like to entertain, consider gifting them something they could use on a future charcuterie board, like freeze-dried banana spears, ripe blueberries, or even sliced cheeses!

Camper / Hunter / Backpacker

People who love spending time outdoors will enjoy receiving complete meals, sides, sauces, pre-cooked rice, noodles, etc. Anything they can make on the go. They’ll appreciate the missing weight in their backpacks! You can even pre-make some fancy breakfast omelets, seal them up in Mylar, and include some fancy on-the-go breakfasts in your package.


Since they’re chefs, we can all assume they enjoy creating their food from scratch. Instead of prepared meals, consider ingredients like diced or julienned onions and peppers, herbs and spices, or even powdered tomato for custom sauces. If you feel like getting fancy, include some Mason jars with freeze-dried gourmet mushrooms inside.

ice cream sandwiches are delicious when freeze dried

Freeze-Dried Gifts for Soldiers

The easiest thing to send to your favorite soldiers would be anything they don’t need to rehydrate to enjoy. Think candies, ice cream sandwiches, and cheesecake bites. You can also powder freeze-dried foods to make tasty drink mixes. Even savory snacks like pizza rolls, lasagna bites, or jalapeno poppers can be eaten on the go. If you’re sending things overseas, package everything well so that the goodies aren’t accidentally powdered in transit!

College Students

Here’s a great opportunity to send some tastes of home back to school with your college student. They’ll love some favorite family recipes to prepare quickly on busy university nights. Think Domenick’s spaghetti sauce, Uncle Bob’s chili, or even Aunt Breezy’s famous mashed potatoes.

Breakfast favorites like scrambled eggs and bacon can make hectic mornings easier, too, so don’t forget to include some early-morning treats!


Know someone who has just moved into their first apartment or bought a new home? Help them stock their new kitchen with an assortment of freeze-dried herbs and spices. Everyone can enjoy some staples like basil, oregano, thyme, or even cayenne powder.

You can even freeze dry raw or cooked shrimp

Friend with Limited Freezer Space

Do you have a friend who is always short on freezer space? Freeze-dried meats are a perfect holiday gift! Shelf-stable meat can be stored in any cool, dry place and will last for years without refrigeration. It’s also one of the easiest things to rehydrate, as meat will only absorb as much moisture as it needs. It will never overabsorb and become soggy. You can even freeze-dry shrimp, both raw and cooked!


Do you have a favorite co-worker with a sweet tooth? Take their favorite non-chocolate candy and turn it into a freeze-dried treat for them! Candy runs on a very short cycle, so you still have plenty of time to make candy presents for everyone in your office!

Pre-made quick lunches like instant soups and cup-of-noodles are other great ideas. Did you know you can pre-cook items like beans, rice, and noodles and then freeze-dry them? That way, you only have to add hot water to make a ready-to-eat lunch in minutes. No cooking is required! Great for when they need to grab something quick and filling without leaving the office!

Doomsday Preppers

Want to go the extra mile for the crazy doomsday prepper on your shopping list? Powder an assortment of freeze dried fruits and vegetables you already have on hand, just like the ones you see advertised on TV. Then, turn them into capsules. They can throw a few capsules anywhere they think they’ll need some quick and varied nutrition during an emergency.


It’s hard to shop for bartenders or amateur mixologists. They already own all the fancy glassware and barware that would typically be the go-to gift. But how about some shelf-stable drink garnishes? Think sliced lemons, limes, and oranges. Throw in some strawberries, mangoes, or pineapple spears. You could even create your own signature bloody mary mix. The sky is the limit!

Out-of-Town Friends

Do you have friends who have moved away but will be visiting over the holidays? Freeze-dry some local favorites that they may not be able to get in the city or state where they live now. You could even consider getting their favorite meal from a local restaurant and wrapping up a few freeze-dried versions for them to enjoy back home.

Freeze dried strawberries and bananas

Homebound Friends & Relatives

Complete meals like chicken pot pie, beef stew, and pulled pork are great for friends and relatives with limited mobility. Again, be sure to include easy-to-follow instructions for rehydration. Shredded cheese may be another good idea. Healthy, convenient snacks like freeze-dried yogurt drops or banana slices are also popular.

New Parents

Take one more worry off a new parent’s plate by providing healthy, nutritious baby food. You can prepare fresh vegetables, fruits, and even simple meats and then powder when complete. Mom & Dad can simply add water to reconstitute and. feed their baby anytime, anywhere. Once age-appropriate, yogurt drops are another healthy item to tote along in every diaper bag.

Final Thoughts

I’ve only had my Small Harvest Right Freeze Dryer for about two months, but I already love it. I’m giving three people three different types of freeze-dried food as Christmas gifts this year. I’m confident they’ll love everything they receive! Have you used items from your freeze-dryer as holiday gifts in the past? What did you give, and how did you package it? Let us know in the comments!

Freeze Dried Holiday Gifts for Everyone on Your List!

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