EMP Truth: What You ACTUALLY Need to Know! (Video)

by Vern Evans

In today’s digital era, the specter of electromagnetic pulse (EMP) threats represents a chilling potential to fundamentally disrupt our interconnected society. EMPs, a byproduct of nuclear detonations, hold the power to disable electronics, cripple the power grid, and plunge modern civilization into chaos. This comprehensive exploration dives into the nature of EMPs, their historical context, operational mechanics, potential impacts on humans and infrastructure, and, crucially, strategies for mitigation and preparedness.

This article draws upon insights from my conversation with Dr. Arthur Bradley, an authority on electromagnetic pulse (EMP) phenomena. With a background as an airborne infantryman and a long-held role as a NASA engineer, Dr. Bradley is one of the most prolific researchers studying EMPs. His extensive research sheds light on the chaos EMPs can unleash and offers guidance on how to brace for such events.

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Let’s dive into the basics to better understand the risks and protective measures against EMP threats. The following section, “What is an EMP?” will explain electromagnetic pulses, their sources, and their potential impact on our modern world. Let’s go!

Dr. Bradley’s Website for EMP Protection Supplies: DisasterPreparer.com

What is an EMP?

Electromagnetic Pulses (EMPs) pose a real danger in the modern digital age. Triggered by nuclear explosions high above the Earth, EMPs can severely disrupt modern society by damaging and destroying electronics, from personal devices to the power grid.

EMPs are an Undeniable Reality

Discovered in the 1950s, the threat of EMPs has grown with our increasing reliance on technology. The increasing nuclear EMP threat raises concerns about our preparedness for such an event. The problem is that an enemy, using an EMP, could down the power grid and destroy vehicles and other critical infrastructure that a modern society needs to function.

The existence of EMPs is undeniable, as evidenced by atomic tests, such as the Starfish Prime test in the 1950s, which revealed their damaging potential. The damage an EMP could inflict is debated, ranging from catastrophic scenarios affecting the power grid and causing widespread chaos to more controlled damage with significant but manageable impacts.

Government and military awareness of EMPs dates back decades, yet measures to harden infrastructure against such attacks have been limited, mainly due to the complexity and cost.

Here’s an In-Depth Article on What is an EMP

How Does an EMP Work?

An EMP Wave with the text

An electromagnetic pulse originates from high-altitude nuclear detonations. The nuclear detonation also unleashes electromagnetic energy capable of damaging electronic systems over vast areas. Due to the potential for catastrophic damage to the power grid, the possibility of EMPs emphasizes the need for preparedness strategies to mitigate this risk.

E1, E2, and E3 Waves

Nuclear EMPs unfold in three distinct phases: E1, E2, and E3. Each phase impacts electronic devices differently. The E1 wave causes immediate and catastrophic damage to delicate electronics. Next, the E2 wave, resembling a lightning strike, hits and causes further damage to delicate electronic devices like cell phones and computers.

The E3 phase produces the same type of burst of energy as a coronal mass ejection (CME). The E3 wave is absorbed and conducted through the power grid’s power lines (long conductors). Whereas the E1 and E2 waves damage delicate electronics, the E3 wave damages transformers and the power grid as a whole.

What Would an EMP do to a Human?

An electromagnetic pulse (EMP) is generally not directly harmful to humans. While EMP bursts of electromagnetic energy can disrupt or damage electronic equipment and electrical infrastructure, they do not physically impact the human body. The human body does not conduct electricity well enough for an EMP to cause harm to people’s health directly.

However, while the EMP’s electromagnetic fields do not pose a direct health risk, the secondary effects of an EMP event could have a range of profound implications for human safety and health. For example, the failure of power grids, communications, and essential services could lead to significant disruptions. In the aftermath of an EMP event, the lack of access to medical care, clean water, food supplies, and the potential for societal unrest could significantly impact human health and safety.

How to Protect Your Home From an EMP

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Thankfully, it is feasible to EMP-proof your house using current technologies. By installing EMP shield devices at your breaker box and integrating surge protection across various points in your home, you can protect your electrical system and other devices, from the electromagnetic radiation disturbances caused by EMPs or lightning. Furthermore, essential home components like solar panels and backup generators require safeguarding against power surges to maintain functionality in the event of an EMP. Such measures enhance the resilience of major appliances and electronic devices against destructive electromagnetic waves, securing the safety of your household electronics.

Adopting a layered defense strategy further bolsters your home’s protection against EMPs and solar flares. This involves a multifaceted approach, beginning with installing a surge protector at your breaker panel, such as the recommended Siemens FS 140, and extends to applying high saturation ferrites on main power lines. Additional steps include using broadband ferrites and surge-protected power strips for individual devices and storing unused electronics in Faraday bags, which offer the most complete shielding from electromagnetic and electric fields.

Materials such as copper, aluminum, and galvanized steel, known for their shielding capabilities against magnetic fields, can be used to construct Faraday cages, effectively protecting sensitive electronic equipment by dispersing electromagnetic interference. DIY methods, such as utilizing a metal trash can lined with a non-conductive material, provide a practical and budget-friendly solution for creating your own EMP-proof storage. Ultimately, implementing these protective measures and utilizing EMP-proof technologies ensures the safety and operational integrity of your home’s electrical system and electronic devices in the face of electromagnetic disturbances.

EMP Proof Vehicles

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The growing concern over electromagnetic pulse (EMP) threats underscores the importance of protecting your vehicle. Here are five strategies for helping your vehicle survive an EMP.

1. Prioritize Simplicity in Vehicle Choice. Seek out vehicles made before the mid-1980s. These models generally have fewer electronic components and, by design, offer a higher resistance to EMP effects.

2. Examine the Vehicle’s Electronic Systems. Instead of merely considering the vehicle’s model year, pay close attention to its electronic system design. Vehicles with more mechanical systems are less dependent on electronics and more likely to endure an EMP incident.

4. Investigate and Apply EMP Protection Methods. Research and assess various EMP protection technologies, including EMP shielding and transient protection devices. Select and implement the protection that best fits your vehicle. Consider incorporating solutions like ferrite T.R.A.P.S. to mitigate EMP energy and protect the vehicle’s battery and other electrical components and circuitry.

3. Prepare to Replace Damaged Parts. Keep a stockpile of essential spare parts on hand to repair your vehicle’s electrical systems.

5. Keep Up-to-Date with EMP Protection Advances. Regularly update your knowledge on the latest in EMP protection to ensure your vehicle is as prepared as possible. Understanding and applying the most current EMP safeguarding techniques is key to maintaining your vehicle’s functionality in the event of an electromagnetic incident.

How Likely Is an EMP Attack

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The potential for an EMP attack exists and, therefore, must be prepared for. It is impossible to say for sure how likely an EMP attack is. However, it is not impossible to state that all it takes is someone willing and capable of launching the attack to find us plunged into darkness.

A Dual Threat Scenario

Discussion about the potential for an electromagnetic pulse (EMP) attack against the United States encompasses concerns over the developing capabilities of nation-states and non-state actors. Nations like Russia and China possess the nuclear and ballistic missile technology to initiate an EMP attack. Likewise, the threat of nuclear electromagnetic pulse extends beyond traditional geopolitical actors to include non-state entities that could gain access to EMP technologies. This dual-threat scenario presents a complex homeland security challenge. As such, it emphasizes the importance of preparedness in safeguarding the country’s critical infrastructure against such devastating threats.

The Consequences are Serious

The consequences of an EMP attack are serious. They touch upon the very fabric of modern society, which relies heavily on electronic systems and the electric grid for essential services in healthcare, finance, transportation, communication, etc. The reliance on such systems makes the threat of an EMP not just a national security issue but a matter of individual survival. Unfortunately, the advancement of technology and the spread of adversarial EMP capabilities lowers the barrier to executing such an attack. In turn, that raises the need for comprehensive defense strategies and preparedness across all levels of society.

EMP recovery poses a significant challenge post-attack. Depending on the attack’s scale and the resilience of existing infrastructure, a full recovery could take months to years. This underscores the importance of individual preparedness, including understanding the vulnerabilities in one’s daily life and taking proactive steps to mitigate these risks. Cultivating a mindset geared towards resilience and adaptability and staying informed about the latest in EMP preparedness is crucial for individuals to successfully navigate recovery and survival efforts after such a catastrophic event.

What Would Happen if an EMP Hit the Earth

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If an electromagnetic pulse (EMP) were to hit the Earth’s atmosphere on a large scale, the immediate effect would be the widespread disruption or destruction of electronic devices, the power grid, and critical infrastructure sectors. The severity of the impact would depend on the strength of the EMP and its origin. Here’s a detailed look at what could happen:

Immediate Effects on Electronics and Electrical Infrastructure

  • Widespread Electrical Grid Failure. The EMP could induce high currents and high voltages in electrical grids. That would lead to the failure of transformers, substations, and power lines. This would result in immediate and potentially long-term power outages over vast areas affected.
  • Disruption of Electronic Devices. Devices containing microchips or any delicate electronic device components, such as smartphones, computers, vehicle control systems, and even medical equipment, could be rendered inoperative if they are not adequately shielded against the E1 and E2 waves of the EMP.
  • Communication Breakdown. The EMP could damage satellite systems, cell towers, and other communication infrastructure. In turn that would lead to a breakdown in local and long-distance communications. This would affect everything from emergency services’ ability to respond to crises to the daily operations of businesses and government agencies.
  • Transportation Paralysis. Vehicles, including cars, planes, and trains that rely on electronic control systems, could fail, leading to widespread transportation disruptions. Aircraft in flight during the EMP could face critical navigation and control system failures.
  • Impact on Navigation. GPS systems and other navigation aids could be knocked out. That would affect everything from the routing of commercial flights and ships to the everyday use of navigation tools and apps on mobile devices.

Secondary Effects and Long-term Consequences

  • Food and Water Supply Disruptions. The failure of electrical infrastructure would impact the operation of water treatment plants and the distribution of clean water. Similarly, the cold chain for food preservation would be broken, leading to spoilage and dire shortages.
  • Healthcare System Collapse. Hospitals and medical facilities would struggle without power. As a result, patient care and the preservation of medicines that require refrigeration would suffer.
  • Economic Impact. The economic fallout would be immediate and severe. Stock markets would crash, businesses would be unable to operate, and a potential global financial crisis could be triggered by the sudden halt in transactions and production.
  • Social Unrest and Public Safety. The breakdown in communication, transportation, and the delivery of essential services would be devastating. It could lead to panic, looting, and a breakdown in public order. overwhelming law enforcement and emergency services.
  • Long-term Recovery Challenges. Rebuilding the damaged power grid and communications infrastructure and replacing destroyed electronic devices would be a monumental task. It could take years to complete. The effort would be compounded by the challenges of coordinating recovery efforts amidst communication failures and logistical obstacles.

The Bottom Line on EMPs

The looming prospect of an EMP event underscores the pressing need for vigilance and preparedness for individuals and society. Strategies for protecting personal electronic devices and vehicles against EMP threats and national defense mechanisms emphasize the need for a proactive approach to the devastating possibility of an EMP.

Understanding EMPs, their potential effects, and protective measures can equip us to face this invisible threat. That ensures that our digital lifelines and societal frameworks can withstand and recover from such a profound challenge. As we move deeper into a technologically driven world, the dialogue on EMP preparedness must expand to our entire society. Not doing so is a recipe for disaster.

What are your thoughts on EMPs? How prepared do you think society is?

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EMP Truth: What You ACTUALLY Need to Know! (Video)

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