Biden and Powell – This Is Above Your Pay Grades

by Vern Evans

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America Has Lost Its Moral Compass

You can’t solve inflation with higher interest rates than we have now. Powell has done what he can to stop hyperinflationary trends that seemed unhinged in 2021, and he has certainly taken bold and necessary actions. However, he can’t do anything (and shouldn’t) about demographic trends that have caused baby boomers to retire in mass numbers, partly due to the virus and partly because their asset portfolios have surged, along with their real estate holdings.

We know the baby boomers are a large generation, as well as the wealthiest, but that Generation X is much smaller. This is causing a huge shortfall in working hands, just as Trump cut taxes and began bringing industry back; Biden doubled-down on this and his administration has stimulated the American economy in ways that only WW2-era presidents can claim.

The United States is in desperate need of working hands and, instead of opening their arms to immigrants that respect western values and adore liberty, the administration has simply decided to change American society for good and just look away, as millions cross the border illegally.

I won’t go into that and why it’s happening (to create a permanent Democratic majority in swing states), but I will say immigration won’t solve the worker shortfalls – they are simply too big.

In other words, the participation rate, now at 63%, must alter dramatically, or we are going to see wages rising to attract baby boomers to stay in the workforce for years longer.

The US budget deficit is now at 6% of GDP!


Why is that a problem?

When the job market is so tight and wages are rising and interest rates are super-high, and neither rent nor home prices are falling, this perpetuates the high cost of living. This means the government is borrowing at very high yields.

High yields make life difficult for the middle class or what’s left of it.


As the United States works its ass off to become the global leader in Artificial Intelligence, it must remember that there are sinister forces at play and guard its citizens against globalist agendas.

5G radiation could pose significant health risks. The electromagnetic radiation, emitted by 5G technology, is potentially more dangerous than previous generations of wireless technology.

5G radiation is an Invisible Threat – it’s not merely a tool for faster internet speeds, but many believe it is intentionally designed to weaken the human immune system, leaving us vulnerable to manipulation and exploitation by those in power.

Electromagnetic fields are generated whenever electrically charged particles are in motion.

They are present in various forms: natural sources, like Earth’s magnetic field, and human-made sources, such as power lines, electrical appliances, and wireless communication devices.

It all comes down to their frequency and wavelength.

Ionizing Radiation has enough energy to remove tightly bound electrons from atoms, leading to ionization. These include X-rays, which are known to cause cellular damage.

Non-Ionizing Radiation does not have enough energy to ionize atoms.

Studies have suggested a possible link between long-term exposure to RF radiation and certain types of cancer, such as brain tumors and acoustic neuromas.

This is not the last you’ve heard about EMF from me… this is a concerning topic, with massive implications.

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