177: Living with Firearms with Josh Burmeister

by Vern Evans

This episode provides in-depth insights into responsible gun ownership, the psychology behind concealed carry, and invaluable advice for both new and seasoned firearm enthusiasts. In this episode, I’m joined by Josh Burmeister, a seasoned expert in survival training, tactical gear, and security. 

Getting to Know Josh Burmeister

Josh has a rich background. His journey from serving as a U.S. Navy Survival Escape and Evasion (SERE) instructor to his numerous deployments, plus owning a premiere tactical training company, has positioned Josh as an authority in tactical training and security. Josh provides a unique lens with a well-rounded perspective for viewing firearm ownership and usage. 

The Phenomenon of First-Time Gun Ownership

We discuss the significant increase in first-time gun owners in recent years. This discussion covers the motivations behind this trend, the importance of understanding the responsibilities of owning a firearm, and how it impacts society at large.

The Mindset for Concealed Carry

Josh shares his thoughts on the mindset required for carrying a concealed weapon. This isn’t just about the physical act of carrying a gun—it’s about the mental and psychological preparation that goes into it. We explore the necessity of training, situational awareness, and the mental readiness needed for someone who chooses to carry a firearm.

Overcoming Challenges as New Gun Owners

This part of the episode is particularly beneficial for new gun owners. Josh talks about their challenges, such as selecting the right firearm, understanding the legal aspects of gun ownership, and the importance of proper training and safety practices.

Practical Tips for Safe Gun Ownership

Safety is paramount when it comes to firearms. This section provides listeners with practical strategies to ensure safe gun ownership. This includes tips for storing firearms, educating family members, especially children, and fostering a safety-first mindset.

Navigating Societal Perceptions of Gun Ownership

Gun ownership often comes with varied societal perceptions and opinions. We dive into how gun owners navigate these views, the importance of responsible ownership, and how to engage in constructive conversations about firearms in society.

Group on gun range receiving instruction on firearms safety

The Balance of Rights and Responsibilities

A critical part of the discussion focuses on balancing the rights of owning a gun and the responsibilities accompanying it. What does being a responsible gun owner mean in today’s world? This conversation aims to shed light on gun ownership’s ethical and legal aspects.

The Bottom Line on “Living with Firearms”

In conclusion, this episode of “Living with Firearms,” featuring Josh Burmeister, offers a wealth of knowledge and insights into the world of gun ownership and safety. From understanding the mindset required for concealed carry to navigating the complexities of societal perceptions and legal responsibilities, this episode is a must-listen for both seasoned firearm enthusiasts and those new to this world. 

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