Woke Activist Judge in Washington DC Catching Heat For Releasing Would-be Spree Killer Without Bail

by Vern Evans
Amonte Moody (DC Metropolitan PD Image)

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Soft-on-crime politicians, prosecutors and judges claim they’re “helping” the community by not locking up violent offenders. In reality, they’re victimizing the community by returning feral monsters back onto the streets to they can do horrific things to still more innocent people.

One D.C. judge named Lloyd Nolan, Jr. falls squarely in that category, releasing a young perp named Amonte Moody. Cops say Moody fired off the better part of a (illegal) magazine from an (illegal) AR-15 rifle trying to (illegally) murder four people inside a car.

That didn’t matter to the Superior Court judge with a long history of hard-left activism as illustrated by “Urban Lloyd Nolan” and his Faceook page.

Instead of holding the arrestee or imposing bail, the judge turned Amonte loose with a stern talking to about the consequences of failing to mind his Ps and Qs while on pre-trial release. It seems the uber-woke social justice advocate judge failed to take into account that if Amonte (reportedly) ignored laws against murder in a failed attempt to kill four people, then why would he obey a judge’s orders?

From FoxNews Digital via Yahoo:

A Washington, D.C., judge who released on bail a teenager accused of firing over two dozen rounds at a car full of people along a busy street has a social media presence filled with progressive activism and a financial link to progressive mega donor George Soros. 

Lloyd U. Nolan, Jr., a magistrate judge on the Superior Court of the District of Columbia, is in the spotlight this week after he ordered that 18-year-old Amonte Moody be released from custody before his trial despite accusations he sprayed a D.C. neighborhood with shots from an AR-15 while targeting a car carrying four people.

A Facebook post shows Nolan donated to Gideon’s Promise, a group founded in 2017 through a fellowship from George Soros’ Open Society Foundation on behalf of a professor named Jonathan Rapping.

When quizzed about his kooky, hard-left social media posts, the not-so-good judge set his Facebook page to private.

Screen capture by Boch of Lloyd Nolan’s Facebook page.

Of course, a spokesperson for the local justice system told FoxNews Digital about how fair and equitable the judge’s decision really was to release the offender back into the community.

“In this matter — after hearing arguments from both sides and the arguments for detention — the judge determined that 24-hour home confinement on electronic monitoring with the education and social services already in place for the defendant that release, on these strict conditions did ‘ensure the safety of the defendant and the public,’” the spokesperson added.

The spokesperson also told Fox News Digital the defense “relied heavily” on the fact that Moody had no prior encounters with law enforcement, and he was provided educational support and family and community resources.

“Judge Nolan conducted a very thorough hearing … and spoke directly with defendant about the consequences of violating any portion of the release conditions,” the spokesperson said.

Notice the judge didn’t offer to send the offender to his neighborhood.

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