NYC Moving To Revoke Trump’s Carry License

by Vern Evans
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It should not surprise anyone that the partisan political hacks in New York’s government continue their lawfare against former President Donald Trump.  Following the guilty verdicts in his kangaroo trial in NYC last week, mainstream media types have gleefully seized on news that NYC police officials are moving to revoke his carry license.

Forbes headlined their story, “Trump’s Next Legal Consequence: His Gun License Poised To Be Revoked By NYPD”.

The New York Police Department is expected to pull former President Donald Trump’s gun license, according to multiple outlets, a routine action that would be taken following Trump’s conviction on 34 felony charges of falsifying business records during his hush money trial in New York last week.

WABC went with this headline, “Donald Trump’s New York gun permit to be revoked following conviction: sources”

Breitbart has more:

The NYPD is preparing to revoke Donald Trump’s concealed carry permit following the numerous felony convictions handed down by the jury last week.

CNN reported the permit was actually suspended on April 1, 2023, following Trump’s indictment on various charges. The NYPD will now move beyond mere suspension, revoking the permit altogether.

The New York Times noted, “Under federal law and state law in New York and Florida, people with felony convictions are barred from possessing a firearm.”

A investigation into the matter is underway by the NYPD and it is anticipated that Trump’s permit will be revoked once it ends. However, Trump “has the right to file a challenge to the move.”

Trump is permitted to carry three specific handguns, two of which were surrendered to the NYPD on March 31, 2023. The third one was “was lawfully moved to Florida,” according to senior law enforcement official.

Time will tell if President Trump receives a pardon or other judicial intervention to reverse the ruling from the partisan political hack judge’s courtroom. However, until that happens, under the letter of the law he is now a prohibited person.

At the same time it’s unlikely he’s packed his own gun for many years thanks to US Secret Service protection.

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