A Factory Tour Of WATCHTOWER Firearms—A Brand New American Gun Company

by Vern Evans
Jason Colosky, CEO of WATCHTOWER Firearms

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For those who love top-quality firearms and also love supporting American companies, finding a veteran-owned U.S. company that pours tons of quality and patriotism into each gun produced can be a godsend.

For an excellent example, look no further than WATCHTOWER Firearms, a new Houston, Texas, manufacturer striving to be become the next great American firearms company.

WATCHTOWER, a new American firearms company, draws its name from the brave Americans who fought under the southern cross in the Pacific as a part of Operation WATCHTOWER. Like those legends, WATCHTOWER aims to equip the next generation of warriors to defend our way of life anywhere.

Jason Colosky, founder and CEO of WATCHTOWER Firearms, formerly served as a senior executive at Raytheon where he oversaw Raytheon’s strategic engagements with the Pentagon, State Department and the White House.

“So many of the great American firearms companies have been bought up by European conglomerates,” Colosky said during an exclusive factory tour with The Truth About Guns’ Justin Dougherty. “What Americans just don’t have the choice anymore is to spend their dollars on something here, buy a firearm that those dollars are reinvested back in America. Everything we do here, it was built in America by Americans with American material.”

Watch the complete video from our factory tour below:

The company is already making a number of high-quality firearms, including a 5.56mm AR rifle, short-barreled rifle and pistol, a .308 AR-10 style rifle, a hunting rifle and their Apache double-stack 1911 pistol. Additionally,  line of suppressors is coming soon.

To learn more, visit watchtowerfirearms.com. To watch a number of very cool videos about the company, its history and its products, click here.

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