13-Year-Old Chicago Girl Shot While Trying to Carjack CCW Holder

by Vern Evans
Screenshot of WMTV 15 broadcast.

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Local residents, indeed people nationwide, were distressed to learn that a 13-year-old girl was shot in Chicago last Tuesday morning just before school. How could such a thing happen to a young child on her way to school?

Then, days later, we learned that the young woman and her 14-year-old male accomplice weren’t on their way to school. Or maybe they were on the way to school. One thing is more certain. Cops say that at 7:49 am, the team tried to carjack a woman of her SUV on Chicago’s south side.

Their victim, however, also had a vote in the matter. Using her CCW, she fired at the youthful carjackers, striking the 13-year-old girl.

Instead of sticking around to render aid after the smoke cleared, her brave and courageous boyfriend/accomplice ran as if his hair was on fire, beating feet as fast as he could. He probably didn’t want to be late for his advanced placement physics class.

The updated outcome of the investigation of the 13-year-old’s shooting didn’t merit much in the way of coverage from the mainstream media. Why it was almost as if the establishment media wanted to cover the story…with a pillow, until it stopped moving.

For instance, ABC 7’s coverage of the news that the girl was part of a carjacking team merited just a few sentences via MSN:

New details have emerged about a South Side shooting earlier this week that injured a 13-year-old girl.

Chicago police say the girl was trying to steal a car when she was shot.

The shooting happened Tuesday around 7:49 a.m. in the 8200 block of South Commercial Avenue in the South Chicago neighborhood.

According to police, a woman fired her gun at the girl and a 14-year-old boy when they tried to take her SUV…

Both children are charged with the attempted theft, police said.

Children? Children aren’t out using a stolen gun to attempt to carjack people of their cars.

Of course, did prosecutors charge the duo with attempted carjacking?

Of course not. They were charged with attempted theft.

And that’s why Chicago has a crime problem.

If Chicago saw a few dozen more of these cases of carjackers and drive-up armed robbery crews meeting good guys with guns, word would get around. Especially with some dead perps, this would do far more to dissuade what’s become common behavior among feral “youths” than politicians who defund the police, prosecutors who don’t prosecute and judges who don’t incarcerate.

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