Arrowhead Tactical’s ROSE Joggers & Shorts

by Vern Evans


In September of 2022, headlines were flooded with news of Eliza Fletcher, a Memphis woman who went out for a run one morning and never returned. Fletcher, a wife, mother, and teacher, was found deceased days later after being attacked while out running.

This wasn’t the first incident of its kind, and unfortunately it won’t be the last. With a small amount of research, you can find numerous surveys depicting one common theme — a majority of female runners have at some point experienced some level of harassment while simply out exercising.

Knowing this, companies like Arrowhead Tactical answered the call with innovative concealment apparel made with active women in mind.

Together with ROSE by SIG Sauer, Arrowhead Tactical released their exclusive line of athleisure wear, which includes their ROSE Carrier Joggers in both gray and black, as well as their ROSE Carrier Shorts. Both the joggers and the shorts include their Carrier Retention Waistband, an internal belt system to support compact-to-full-size handguns in inside-the-waistband holsters for any position on the waist.

We took the ROSE Carrier Shorts and ROSE Carrier Joggers for a spin, complete with the OmniCarry Retention Belt. Since these items are marketed as “athleisure,” they were worn both while running and hiking as well as running errands. It wasn’t disappointing.


The most noticeable thing about both the shorts and the joggers was the quality of the materials. The joggers? Like butter. They’re 94-percent cotton and may actually be one of the most comfortable pair of sweatpants ever. They’re soft, thick, and sturdy, making them an especially good option for the colder months. The gray is a nice light color, especially good for added visibility when running in low light conditions.

The shorts have an outer shell with a built-in liner. It contains silicone grippers as well as dual phone pockets. Mesh ventilation makes these shorts light as a feather and very breathable — a perfect option for the warmer months. The shorts also sport a nice wide waistband that makes them super comfortable.


For reference, I’m 5 feet tall, weigh 134 pounds, and have an athletic build. Arrowhead has a “Find Your Size” page that suggested the small size. For those who are vertically challenged, both the shorts and the joggers were a bit long — just as expected, but not long enough to warrant sizing down.

Aside from that, the fit was perfect. Both the joggers and the shorts have a drawstring, giving you some flexibility when it comes to how tight you want the waist to be or to accommodate different sized pistols and holsters. A SIG Sauer P365 in a Crossbreed AIWB holster was no issue.


Several different brands of concealment athleisure wear typically have the same issue: either they secure the pistol and holster to the point of being restrictive to the body and uncomfortable to wear, or they’re so loose that you don’t feel comfortable carrying a gun. This was not an issue with Arrowhead’s apparel.

While running and hiking the pistol stayed put, and there was no temptation to reach down and secure it. This was true of the shorts right away. The joggers had to be positioned in the right spot on the hips (just a bit lower than normal when not carrying), and they functioned just as well. The combination of the wide waistband and the retention belt in both really helped with this and also added to the level of concealment. Printing wasn’t an issue with either the shorts or the joggers.

Lastly, drawing the pistol presented no problems.

The OmniCarry Retention Belt is really the MVP here. Arrowhead provides a video on their website that shows you exactly how to set up and wear the belt, which can be worn with all of the carrier joggers, shorts, and sweatpants. The best feature is that once you set it up, you can leave it that way. The belt can even be left in the waistband of the joggers or shorts and laundered, which is incredibly convenient. It’s very adjustable, allowing you to get it exactly as snug as you want it.


Comfortable enough to wear on a lazy Sunday around the house, yet functional enough to trust for EDC, Arrowhead Tactical’s ROSE Carrier Joggers and ROSE Carrier Shorts are a great addition to your personal protection lineup. With attention to detail and sizes and styles to accommodate every body, they have really created an excellent product.

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