Trump Backs-Up the Truck on GOLD

by Vern Evans

Do you need Donald Trump to tell you to do it? Would it make the task easier, if Biden were to suggest it, or Warren Buffett or Ray Dalio, or can you, out of your respect for your own cognitive abilities and killer instinct, make the move?

I ask myself this very question every morning, because that’s what the entrepreneurial mind is curious about; what is looking you dead in the face and you could do, but are afraid to?

Do I need Donald Trump to order me to buy gold or can I look at the world, objectively, and DO IT?!

Every Thursday morning, I swim 2 KM with my hedge fund manager (he swims less than 1 KM, the spoiled brat) and then we discuss markets.

Three weeks ago, I told him the following: “You’ve got gold spot price trading at an all-time high and the GDXU just collapsed 50%. If I were you, I’d be putting 0.5% to 1% of the fund in GDXU.”

As of the close on Friday, that little tip delivered him a 50% return!

Gold is trading well above its previous all-time high, breaking out and breaching resistance that held for over a decade, but no one is reporting to me any signs of mania.

Think about your own case: are you personally buying gold, silver or mining stocks right now?

What if Donald Trump ordered all men to buy gold, will you do it, then?

Bull markets are born in the shadows and this one is definitely a case of such.

The S&P 500, the NASDAQ 100 and Dow Jones 30 are all trading at all-time highs, along with Bitcoin and housing prices. Consequently, gold is NOT getting any attention, not to mention silver is basically stagnant at $25/ounce, pointing to the fact that retail isn’t participating in the bull market. Gold stocks aren’t moving either.

The retail public, in my opinion, is mostly sitting in money-market accounts, earning 5%, while the smart and savvy have been crushing it big-time for over two years!

You wake up in the morning, see wars brewing in the Sahel, in Ukraine, in Armenia, in Gaza and in 30 different conflict zones and seeing a president who can’t sit down for a full-length coherent interview, and can’t make the logical case for investing… you reason that with money-markets dishing out 5%, that this is the place to be, but I have cautioned against this for over two years and my portfolio is up 74%!

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