How to Mentally Prepare for World War 3 (What to Know)

by Vern Evans

Good Day to you, M4S Readers! We’re going to dive right into the topic of things you can do to prepare for World War III. Although the topic is a “bleak” one, the information here is just that: information you can use to give yourself an edge, just as you would attempt to do with any disaster. Let’s get into it!

Current Hot Spots

You’ve undoubtedly been inundated daily with all of the world’s “sit-rep’s” or situation reports concerning the global hot spots where war could erupt. The “biggies” right now are the Ukraine-Russia war, the South China Sea (where the U.S. and China are playing “cat-and-mouse” games with naval vessels), North and South Korea, the Iran/Israel theatre, and the “new” Cold War of the U.S./NATO forces and the Russian/former Warsaw Pact forces jockeying with each other for position across the globe.

These are some of (but not all of) the volatile hot spots that could erupt into a global thermonuclear war. What can you do about it? Sure, garnering the supplies, having a “cave” to stash it all in, and training (physical fitness, firearms, etc.) …all of these are standard fare that we know. But what about what you need to know?

Knowledge is Power

There are several books that you should consider purchasing. These books are “off the beaten path,” and some may be a bit hard to find, but they’ll be worth it to you later. You can also check out some websites to give you the information you’ll need.

Cresson Kearney

First, I have to mention Cresson Kearney’s book, Nuclear War Survival Skills, with all of the information you’ll need about radiation and how to build a Kearney Fallout Meter. It’s a simple device that costs pennies for the materials and won’t require much effort. This device is a “bare-bones” piece of equipment that will enable you to detect the presence of fallout. Additionally, the site has a bunch of materials with diagrams, plans, materials lists, and information to help you build a shelter for yourself, both fixed and field-expedient.

Next, let’s delve into the topic of mindset. Knowing what someone will do or at least being able to predict likely courses of action smacks of “prophecy,” but in reality, you’re delving into “games theory” and statistics. By pre-determining an opponent/aggressor’s course of action, you’re accomplishing two things:

1. Identifying the options to be arrayed against you.

2. Enabling yourself to counter-balance those options with effective responses.

Simple? Simplistic, yet intricate. You can break these two items down into a whole bunch of subcategories. It’s a “bare skeleton,” and you can tailor those actions according to your needs and capabilities to place “meat” on them. Information is important, but you have to be able to use it…and make it applicable to you and your situation.

Viktor Suvorov

Vladimir Bogdanovich Rezun wrote many books under the pen name “Viktor Suvorov,” and I strongly advise picking them up. They cover Soviet military doctrine. Before you smirk, be advised: The Russian Regimental System of combat,  command, and control still follows the same doctrine (with improvements, naturally) as they did during the time of the Soviet Union.

They believe in long, linear lines of attack and then massing their forces…concentrating them…at the weakest point for a breakthrough. Pouring through this “breach,” they drive deep into an enemy’s rear area, securing vital areas and installations, and destroying/making mayhem along the way.

This doctrine is unchanged. For those of you who may believe they’re “getting their heads handed to them in Ukraine,” I advise you to reassess that stance. They haven’t thrown their best troops or equipment into the fray, and the Ukrainians (a former SSR/state of the former USSR) are no pushovers.

Suvorov’s work “Inside the Soviet Army” was seminal in its time, and now is quite sagacious. One point in particular that it covers: The Friday Night Offensive.

The Russians prefer to initiate operations on foreign territory (invade, if you prefer) at the end of the work-week…on Friday evenings. This is not “set in stone,” but it’s damned close. Hungary, Czechoslovakia, Afghanistan…all of these nations were invaded on a Friday. The reasoning: it’s the end of the week, and civilians and military alike are sitting around and having a beer after a big meal. Perfect timing.

Suvorov also wrote “” and “Inside the Aquarium” (detailing the GRU, the Soviet version of our CIA). Suvorov was in each of these units; the books are drawn from personal experience.

J.R. Nyquist

Read J.R. Nyquist’s book, “The Origins of the Fourth World War,” for a mind-boggling insight into what we face both from the Russians and the Chinese. There are documents referenced in that book that clearly show the Chinese planned the release of a bioweapon on U.S. soil as far back as the mid-1990s and before. Skeptics didn’t believe SARS-CoV-2 (“Covid”) was a bioweapon in 2020. Three years later, the “spin” is occurring, and everyone is backtracking their statements.

Let’s digress and paraphrase Arthur Schopenhauer. He stated that all information passes through three phases:

First, it is denounced and ridiculed.

Second, it is violently opposed.

Third, it is upheld and lauded as if it was “common sense/common knowledge” all along.

Sure: be skeptical, and take everything with a grain of salt, but don’t discount the bear when it’s staring you right in the face.

Could the South China Sea be the setting for WWIII?

World War III Pre-Gaming

Speaking of which, the Russian Bear is strategically positioning its assets. The Cold War bombing routes for the Tupolev bombers have been “resurrected,” with Russians undertaking fly-bys off the coast of Alaska. The Russians have a substantial military presence and several bases of operation in the Arctic, whereas we do not.

Russian submarines have been taking up positions in international waters off of the East Coast of the U.S., and the Chinese have made similar moves in the Pacific close to the West Coast. There was a new estimate that Iran “could have a nuclear bomb in twelve days,” and that report came out around 2/28/2023.

Remember: Internet and mainstream news are already “old hat” to a large degree and “behind the power-curve.”

The hypersonic missiles will not allow much time for response by our missile forces. I’ve mentioned some viable sources you can use to “game” events…with information to open your eyes. Without an open mind, none of it will work.

Beware of Normalcy Bias

The first thing you need to address possibilities is to admit to yourself those possibilities exist.

This is prudence. This is common sense. This is adaptation. I served in the United States Army for a long time. It vexes me greatly to have to say that we are “past our peak” as a nation, both militarily and economically.

What makes us ripe for the taking is our mindset of invincibility and not admitting the truth to ourselves. Our country is on the verge of falling apart internally and being attacked externally…just as the great empires of the past fell.

It’s cyclical. Read Toynbee, read Jared Diamond, read William Shirer. Read, read, read! Sift the facts and see that, technology aside…the human species has been unchanged throughout the millennia. That’s a fact. The same cycles of rise, peak, plateau, and decline happen again, and again, ad infinitum, and those cycles make human nature predictable in all of its arrogant hubris and bellicose actions.

You can become a student of history to help avoid becoming a victim of the future. You can game it accordingly and leverage the information to give you and your family a better chance in World War III. Your fundamental rights in the U.S. have been eroded, but you can still think, and there’s some time. Most of the time, a “missed” opportunity is an opportunity you didn’t take.

Read, study, be well, and take care of one another. J J out!   


How to Mentally Prepare for World War 3 (What to Know)

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