How Likely Is A Nuclear World War 3?

by Vern Evans

With all of the war rhetoric that continues on the news, World War 3 is looking incredibly likely to pop off and could happen at any time. But what is the likelihood that if it does go fully global, a war will become nuclear?

Of course, the exact chances are unknown, but there have been many warnings from those who rule over others and plenty of “promises” to use nuclear weapons if certain red lines are crossed. So far, not a single tyrant has followed through on those promises.

In 1939, before the height of World War II, physicist Albert Einstein urged former president Franklin Roosevelt to fund uranium research, fearing Germany would develop an atomic bomb. After the war had ended, the physicist expressed regret for his role in developing the bomb. Einstein’s final public act was to sign a manifesto warning that H-bombs (hydrogen bombs) could destroy humankind.

On August 6th, and then again on August 9th in 1945, the United States detonated two H-bombs over Japan. The effects were devastating. But we could be on the verge of going through this again.

News broke in February that Russia was reportedly building some nuclear-connected anti-satellite weapon. The current conflict with the U.S. over aid to Ukraine means the risk of a nuclear “space war” has just gone up. Space-based anti-satellite nuclear weapons (or so-called space nukes) are a type of weapon designed to damage or destroy satellite systems, either for strategic military or disruptive purposes. They could cause all kinds of disruptions in communications on Earth.

Three Just a few days after threatening to nuke London and Washington if it loses in Ukraine, Russia warns it could “accidentally” start a nuclear war as “impotent” Western leaders miscalculate the risk of World War 3. “This very clock, which is ticking in a certain direction, has now accelerated very much,” Dmitry Medvedev, the Deputy Chairman of the Security Council of the Russian Federation warned, gesturing towards the “clear threat to all of humanity. And in this I also see the inability, excuse me, the impotence of these Western authorities,” Medvedev stated.

A nuclear war would obviously all but destroy the planet and most life on it, including humans, especially if it’s long and sustained. The radiation alone would kill the vast majority of humans and our chances of witnessing this grows by the day but are probably still fairly low right now.

Prepare For Nuclear War: Here Are 5 Things You’ll Need To Survive If Trump And Putin Hit The Red Button

Here are five things we recommend you consider for your preparedness needs in the event of nuclear war:

*All of these can be purchased at other sites, but clicking on the images will take you to an Amazon link to the item.

NBWAN Full Face Gas Mask Respirator, Gas Masks Survival Nuclear and Chemical with 40mm Activated Carbon Filter & 6001 Filters

  • 【Double Suction Valve & Anti-fog Lens】- The gas mask has an antifog coating that your breath is directed away from the viewing area to further reduce condensation and heat build-up. and respirator makes a great seal with a clear large viewing window. The lens on the respirator is easy to see through and doesn’t produce a lot of glare when in direct sunlight.
  • 【Efficient Protection & Comfortable Sealing】- Gas masks use nuclear and chemical military-grade blocks up to 99.97% of organic vapor, chemicals, paint, gas, smoke, pollen, dust, glass, metal, and other particles in the air. Gas masks for nuclear gas provide a great seal for most face types. Soft silicone is odorless, long-lasting, and durable, perfectly fitting most facial shapes.
  • 【Speaking Diaphragm & Adjust Headband】- The respirator mask with filters has an airflow valve that helps to act as a speaking diaphragm so that your voice is not completely muffled and communicates clearly. The chemical respirator with a 5-point headband and the mesh structure makes wearing more stable. The full-face respirator adjustable high elastic strap is suitable for most head sizes.
  • 【Compatibility & Wide Application】- Full-face gas respirator masks can be widely used in chemical, painting, polishing, laboratory, cleaning, sanding, agricultural, construction, woodworking, petrochemicals, graffiti, metal, mining, gas mask military, respirator mask for chemicals, welding, fire rescue, emergency survival gear, and other areas. The universal respirator interface fits most filters.
  • 【Satisfactory After-sales Service for You】- This gas mask kit comes with a storage bag to protect the mask from scratches. Package includes 1x Respirator,1x 40mm Gas Mask Filter,2x 6001 Filter, 8x Filter Cottons, and 2x Filter Covers. If you have any dissatisfaction with this respirator, please contact us directly.


Anti-Radiation Pills: IOSAT Potassium Iodide 14 Tablets

No survival plan is complete without adequate protection against the harmful after-effects of a nuclear or other radiological event.

Protect yourself and your loved ones with iOSAT — it’s the only thyroid-blocking agent that’s approved by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration to protect against nuclear radiation emergencies. Potassium Iodide (KI), the active ingredient in iOSAT™, is clinically proven to protect against up to 99% of all radiation-induced thyroid damage when used as directed.

Hazmat Suits, Shoe Covers, Face Mask, and A Pair of Nitrile Gloves all Included – 5 sizes Level III, Type A Coveralls

Disposable Hazmat Suits, Shoe Covers, Face Mask and A Pair of Nitrile Gloves all Included - 5 sizes Level III, Type A CoverallsHazmat suits can be used if you are in an irradiated area and don’t want to contaminate yourself or your living space. 

  • Full Body Protection: This All Included 3 Pack Have Full Body Protective Safety Workwear, With a White Body Suit Long Sleeve And a Pair of White Nitrile Gloves and a Pair of Shoe Covers Disposable Non-Slip and High-Quality face Mask, Make it All Included With One Pack
  • Breathable Material: Made with High-Quality SF Breathable Material, making it Waterproof and Insulated From the Outside and Breathable From The Inside, You Can Be Sure That You Have All That You Need For Your Work
  • Wide Range of Applications: This hazard suit Pack provides Protection for a wide range of uses, it Can Be Used as a Paint Suit, or Chemical Suit Disposable Lab Coats, or Many Other Uses That Require Full Body Coveralls.
  • 5 Sizes: These UNISEX Hazmat Suits Come in 5 Sizes M, L, XL, XXL, XXXL With M and L Suits Best as Coveralls For Women, And XL and XXL Can Be More Suitable as Coveralls For Men, Shoe Covers And Gloves Sizes Also Match The White Body Suit Size, to Have a Perfect Fit Wear
  • Great Protection: When You’re Wearing These You Can be Assured that you’re Good to Go, it Can Protect You Against Splashes, Liquids, and other Fluids, Also it Protect You Against Dust, Dirt and Much More


Geiger Counter Nuclear Radiation Detector – FNIRSI Radiation Dosimeter with LCD Display, Portable Handheld Beta Gamma X-ray Rechargeable Radiation Monitor Meter, 5 Dosage Units Switched

  • 【Nuclear Radiation Detector】FNIRSI GC-01 Geiger counter nuclear radiation detector with built-in GM sensor, fast response time, and high accuracy, able to detect Gamma, Beta, and X-rays. Cumulative dose equivalent: 0.00uSv-500.0mSv. Energy range: 48KeV-1.5MeV ≤ ± 30%(for 137Csγ)
  • 【Smart Alarm】Enter the alarm setting option to set the current dose alarm value and the accumulated dose alarm value. Whether the detector screen is in a sleep state or in operation, the radiation dose detected exceeds the alarm threshold, and the radiation monitor will automatically alarm. Light/Vibration/Sound 3 combined alarm modes to choose from.
  • 【Multifunctional Geiger Counter】Our Geiger counter has other various settings, such as alarm setting, system clock setting, and unit setting & language change, you can operate it in English (default) or Chinese. Easy one-handed operation.
  • 【Working Principle】FNIRSI GC-01 uses a Geiger-Miller counter. Counter for detecting the intensity of ionizing radiation (Beta particles, Gamma rays, and x-rays). Use a gas tube or a small chamber as a probe. When the voltage applied to the probe reaches a certain range. Each time the ray is ionized in the tube to produce a pair of ions, it can be amplified to produce an electric pulse of the same size. And recorded by the connected electronic device. The number of rays per unit of time is measured.
  • 【Application Areas】Widely applied in the environment where existing ionized radiation. Such as home improvement radiation, geological surveys, iron, Inspection vehicles, nuclear power plants, industry, radiology, radiology laboratories, and so on

There is no possible way to be prepared for a nuclear war, but protecting yourself from radiation, and knowing how much radiation is around you is a great first step if the rulers on this planet decide they want to do irreparable harm to the planet and humanity. And we wouldn’t put it past them.

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