Dr. Clare Craig: It’s Clear The COVID Vaccines Are Unsafe

by Vern Evans

This article was originally published by Rhoda Wilson at The Daily Exposé.

Dr. Clare Craig gave her testimony to the UK People’s Vaccine Inquiry.  She testified that the COVID injections were both unsafe and ineffective.  Reviewing data from Pfizer’s trial, the ONS, ambulance callouts, and long-term sickness she demonstrated that to use the word “safe” to describe COVID vaccines is a lie.

The People’s Vaccine Inquiry was launched yesterday.  So far Dr. Jonathan Engler, Dr. Ros Jones, Dr. Dean Patterson, Dr. Liz Evans, Patrick Fagan, Nick Hunt, and Dr. Clare Craig have submitted evidence.  They are encouraging other experts to submit their witness statements, which can be done using THIS email link.

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Dr. Clare Craig submitted her witness statement in her capacity as the co-chair of the Health Advisory and Recovery Team (HART), as well as a qualified doctor and diagnostic pathologist. You can read her comprehensive 102-page witness statement HERE.  In the video below she gave her oral testimony.

People’s Vaccine Inquiry: Dr Claire Craig, Pathologist (23 mins)

In the first half of her testimony, Dr. Craig spoke about the “safety” of the COVID injections.  In the second half, she spoke about the “efficacy” of the vaccines followed by answering questions put to her by science journalist Will Jones.  Below we have only noted remarks she made in the first half.

MHRA Fails to Perform its Duties and Tells Lies

The Medicines and Healthcare Products Regulatory Agency (“MHRA”) is an executive agency of the Department of Health and Social Care in the United Kingdom.  It is responsible for ensuring that medicines and medical devices work and are acceptably safe for use in the UK.

People think of “vaccine” as a modern miracle Dr. Craig told the People’s Vaccine Inquiry.  “The word is almost synonymous with ‘safe and effective’.  However, what has been called COVID vaccines are neither safe nor effective and have been pulled from the market long ago,” she said.

The term “safe and effective” was first used to market thalidomide, Dr. Craig said. Thalidomide is a medication that was first introduced in the 1950s as a sedative and treatment for morning sickness in pregnant women. However, it was later found to cause severe birth defects in thousands of children born to mothers who took the drug during pregnancy.  It was subsequently banned in most countries and its use was heavily restricted.

“After the thalidomide scandal when at least 5,000 babies had been damaged and at least 5,000 had died, the regulators introduced new rules,” Dr. Craig explained. “And those rules state that the word ‘safe’ could not be used without caveats.”

“The MHRA are responsible for implementing those rules, and they have utterly failed to do so,” she said. But worse still, the MHRA themselves have used the term in describing covid “vaccines.”

“And that was a lie,” Dr. Craig said.

The MHRA also failed to introduce an absolute safety threshold. This is the minimum level of safety that is considered acceptable or tolerable.  It is the point at which a drug must be either suspended or withdrawn.

“They’ve also ignored all the evidence of harm on the basis of their belief that the benefits always outweigh the risks,” Dr. Craig said.  “That was not always true, that was a lie,” she said.

And doctors who warned what the safety issues would be, “were threatened and shut down,” she said.

Pfizer Covered Up Harm in its Trial Data

She spoke about the cover-up of harms noted in Pfizer’s COVID “vaccine” trial.  One participant developed pericarditis post-vaccination.  “That illness was put down into the data as being pneumonia, covid pneumonia, that was ‘test negative’,” Dr. Craig said.

“What that meant was it was not included in the safety data and because the test was negative it didn’t have to be included in the efficacy calculations either.  So, it was effectively disappeared,” she said.

Twelve-year-old Maddie de Garay developed immune-mediated nerve damage throughout her body.  However, her condition was described in Pfizer’s trial data as being functional abdominal pain. “So that was another lie,” Dr. Craig said.

“The accumulation of all these lies created the overall lie about the safety of these products,” she said.

The indications of harm continued.  After the mass covid injection campaign began there were early indicators that these injections were harmful. “The surveillance systems which were designed to detect a problem sounded many alarms,” she said.

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Illness and Death Were Treated Differently Before and After Vaccination

Before the rollout of the COVID injections, if someone tested positive for covid then every symptom after that was considered a covid symptom.  However, post-vaccination, the only symptoms that were considered to be related to the injection were a sore arm, a fever, and gastrointestinal symptoms.

“Any hospitalization after a COVID-positive test was a COVID hospitalization.  But somebody who was hospitalized after the vaccine was almost always considered a coincidence,” she said.

“Anybody who died within 28 days of a covid positive test, was considered to be a covid death. Even when there were other conditions that contributed to that death.  Whereas, anybody who died after a vaccine, if there was any other possible causation, that was put down on the death certificate,” she said.

“Neither approach is scientific or rational,” she added.

Adding to the spurious classification of COVID-19 and vaccine injuries, some doctors have actively been gaslighting people who have been vaccine-injured.

Some vaccinated people who developed cardiac or neurological symptoms of unknown cause “had their problems described as being due to anxiety by their doctors,” Dr. Craig said.

To add to the lies, “there are also doctors who have told patients that they’ve been vaccine injured but have refused to write it into their medical record,” she said.

Covid Injections Cause Systemic Harm

The surveillance systems for measuring harm from a drug are designed to detect rare events in a single organ of the body.  “But these products have caused harm across the body,” Dr. Craig said. “The surveillance systems are not designed to pick up [ ] systemic effects.”

There are several reasons why COVID injections cause harm all over the body.

Firstly, there are autoimmune diseases. The platforms are designed so that cells throughout the body express a foreign protein. After vaccination, the mRNA or DNA from COVID injections enter cells. Once inside, they use the cells’ machinery to produce what is called the spike protein. The cells producing this foreign protein – the spike protein – on their surface are sacrificed as the immune system attacks them. “When you get that kind of organ damage, it looks like an autoimmune disease,” Dr. Craig said.

Additionally, the spike protein looks very similar to a human protein. “There’s about an 80% crossover,” Dr. Craig said. “That means there is also a risk of conventional autoimmune disease.”

Secondly, there is the vascular damage caused by the COVID injections.  We have blood vessels throughout our bodies so the vascular damage can cause harm in all sorts of ways, she said.

Thirdly, there is evidence of endotoxin contamination from the bacteria in the manufacturing process.  Endotoxin can also cause harm throughout the body.

Fourthly, synthetic RNA, synthetic DNA contamination and mitochondrial damage can affect any cell in the body.  There are also unknown proteins being produced which could lead to conditions such as amyloids, which again can affect numerous organs.

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Other Indicators of Vaccine Harms

Alarm bells were ringing in data other than safety surveillance systems as well.

Until the rollout of the COVID vaccines, ambulance callouts for life-threatening emergencies had been steady and predictable at around 2,000 per day. Since the mass COVID injection campaigns began, there have been 2,500 per day, Dr. Craig said.

The skyrocketing numbers of people who can’t work because they have long-term illnesses also tell a story.  The results of surveys show that the number of people who have long-term sickness has been around 2 million since 2012.  “But since the vaccine rollout, this rocketed in spring 2021 and it’s now at 2.8 million,” she said.  The USA data looks similar, she added.

Also in spring 2021, there was a rise in non-covid deaths. “This happened across the vaccinated world,” Dr. Craig said.  “The claim that it was covid that was causing all this excess was a lie,” she testified.

So, what were people dying from?

“Non-covid cardiovascular deaths rose with the vaccine rollout and have been high ever since.  And deaths in the young have been high ever since, particularly in the 50 to 64-year-old age bracket,” she said.  “This is true in almost all [highly] vaccinated countries.”

In the UK, the excess deaths have been lower in London, in the black population, and in lower socio-economic groups.  “These were all groups that were vaccinated less,” Dr. Craig said. “And if you look regionally across the world, less vaccinated areas have had fewer excess deaths since 2022.”

ONS Cover-up and Lies

The UK Office for National Statistics (“ONS”) has claimed the unvaccinated have a higher covid mortality rate.  Unvaccinated people also have a higher mortality rate for non-covid deaths which reveals a bias is incorporated into ONS data.  The bias is because of a demographic difference between the vaccinated and non-vaccinated populations. “In all likelihood, the unvaccinated had a higher pre-covid mortality rate,” she said.

“When you take out that bias, the difference [between mortality rates] disappears,” she said. “So, to claim that the difference would be due to a vaccine, would be a lie.”

“In fact, that gap in mortality between the vaccinated and unvaccinated has not stayed steady.  Over time the mortality in the vaccinated has increased and the gap has shrunk. When that happened, the ONS stopped publishing the data,” she added.

“It’s clear these products were far from safe,” she said.

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