Coincidence? Bird Flu Found In Cattle Tissue; But Didn’t Enter Food Supply

by Vern Evans

The bird flu rhetoric and official narrative are both building. The mainstream media claims that the bird flu virus has been detected in beef tissue that came from a sick dairy cow, but United States health officials stressed the country’s meat supply remains safe. But for how long?

How long until the rulers will use this as an excuse to further demonize meat, or make it much harder and more expensive to get? As the word continues to get out that the rulers have been lying to us about nutrition while the food industry poisons and sickens us while pushing everything but meat on us, people are beginning to realize that meat, and more specifically beef, is the original human superfood. 

Meat has unique properties that make it more nutritious, easier to digest, and less likely to irritate your body than vegetables. However, the ruling class and others continue to push a more plant-based lifestyle on the public. The beginning of further demonization of meat has started too, as now there’s been bird flu found in beef tissue.

In an update issued Friday, the U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA) said the cow had been culled because it was sick and the meat did not enter the food supply. So what happens when they tell us that beef does have bird flu?

So far, the USDA “has conducted tests on beef tissue from 96 cull[ed] dairy cows condemned at select FSIS-inspected facilities… On May 22, 2024, viral particles were detected in tissue samples, including muscle, from one cow. To date, samples from 95 cows have tested negative for viral particles. No meat from these dairy cattle entered the food supply.”

It isn’t clear how exactly these “authorities” are testing the beef either. Are they using PCR (polymerase chain reaction) tests? If so, we know those are incredibly unreliable.  Especially considering it is now a “concern” that the bird flu is more widespread than the tests are picking up, so they can just make it up whenever they decide that this virus is now a problem. They can tell the naive masses to stop eating meat, eat the bugs instead, and take the new mRNA shots they already have ready for the slave class.

“It’s evident that this is widespread and will require constant vigilance,” Brian Ronholm, director of food policy at Consumer Reports, told the New York Times.

There sure are a lot of coincidences when it comes to this virus being in cattle:

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The WHO’s Pandemic Treaty And A Bird Flu Crisis Are Both Arriving At The Same Time

These are all just coincidences, right?

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