A Global Technocracy is Priming the Population for “Disease X,” More Totalitarianism and Depopulation

by Vern Evans

This article was originally published by Lance D. Johnson at Natural News. 

Pandemic bird flu, “Disease X” and the latest COVID-19 strain KP.2 are creeping into the headlines. A global technocracy is priming the population for more totalitarian control systems, the normalization of election interference, a central bank digital currency, continuous bioweapon experiments, and much worse.

No one is being held accountable for the coronavirus gain-of-function experiments that are culpable for COVID-19 and the ongoing vaccine injury crisis. Gain-of-function bioweapon development continues around the world, and despite Russia making efforts to stop these predatory schemes in Ukraine, there are very limited judicial and military efforts to shut these biological threats down in China, Africa, and the US.

Global crime syndicate is working on new diseases, PCR tests, scare campaigns, control systems, and “cures”

The bio-terror complex, propped up by the most nefarious sects of the U.S. Department of Defense (DoD) and the National Institutes of Health, (NIH) continues unabated, with plans to create new diseases and new “cures” that denigrate the individual and exploit the population. Governments around the world continue to buy into the weaponization of PCR tests to protect a predatory vaccine racket that only profits from the machinations of disease and the devising of mandatory “cures.”

Because there is a lack of accountability in all these areas, populations will have to endure a future of pandemic propaganda, mass formation psychosis, and totalitarian government policies that threaten core Constitutional principles, election integrity, and various human rights.

In 2024, the powers that be are devising a bird flu pandemic, or a Disease X. PCR tests have already been deployed to sell the ruse, and vaccine development has already begun, with the likes of Moderna already developing mRNA platforms for bird flu antigens that will exacerbate the vaccine injury crisis and continue to drive immunosuppression in the population.

Will governments be able to lock populations down this time and force submission to a false sense of safety and the ongoing chaos of scientific and medical atrocities? Will a bird flu pandemic be used to isolate people, leading to an influx of unchecked ballots that will be used to subvert state election laws and overwhelm electoral processes? Will these schemes be used to continue the installation of dictatorial regimes that only embolden this totalitarian biosecurity state? What narratives will Big Tech and corporate media push to further the brainwashing of civilians, to justify their recent abhorrent history of censorship, and to subvert accountability for their role in pushing totalitarianism and depopulation agendas?

PCR scam is being used to destroy food sources, with calls for more centralized government “solutions”

The death, destruction, and deception will only multiply from here. This is evident as the World Health Organization claims a bird flu pandemic is the result of an existential threat called “climate change” that must be mitigated with more government centralization and population control. In this process of commanding populations to obey, these global elites seek to wreck the food supply using the same PCR testing and contact tracing ruse that was used during the pandemonium of COVID-19. This time, the ruse is being used on bird flocks to recondition human populations to the abuse and depopulation. Around the world, bird flocks are being intentionally culled because a PCR test was used to produce a positive bird flu test result. Hundreds of thousands of perfectly healthy birds are being culled to eliminate food sources and make way for the centralization of chemical food factories, bug factories, synthetic meat production, mRNA-treated, genetically controlled livestock and vegetables, etc.

In this next stage of deceit, populations will be further trained to believe that they must sacrifice their autonomy for the good of the collective, either through central bank digital currencies or social credit score systems. This will require the complete dismantling of individuality, and the role of the father, the mother, and the family unit. Furthermore, there will be a hastening of totalitarianism, prompting the suppression of conscience, religious freedom, and absolute truth. The momentum of the propaganda is designed to exhaust and overwhelm populations into compliance — remaking humanity in a trans-humanist image by destroying human rights, conscience, traditions, values, and dignity.

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