Winchester to Build New Lake City Facility for NGSW Ammunition

by Vern Evans

Winchester will embark on a project to build the first new manufacturing facility at the Lake City Army Ammunition Plant (LCAAP) in decades. The growing contract demands for Next Generation Squad Weapon Ammunition (NGSW-A) prompted the project.

Winchester Next Generation Squad Weapon Ammunition

The new manufacturing facility will provide safe, reliable, and advanced NGSW-A to the joint warfighter. Winchester will manage all aspects of the construction process, slated to begin in the second quarter of 2024.

“A dedicated team of Winchester experts have been working on this project in collaboration with the U.S. Government and other industry stakeholders to design a state-of-the-art, small caliber ammunition manufacturing facility,” said Brett Flaugher, president of Winchester Ammunition. “This new facility will ultimately employ hundreds and utilize innovative and transformational small caliber ammunition manufacturing and safety processes.”

Winchester continues to partner with the U.S. Army to bring transformational technology and capabilities to LCAAP. The NGSW-A manufacturing facility award comes on the heels of the recent award from the U.S. Army to stand up manufacturing capabilities for .50 Caliber Saboted Light Armor Penetrator (SLAP).

Winchester remains the largest supplier of small-caliber ammunition to the U.S. military. It provides advanced small-caliber capabilities to the American warfighter, dating back to the early 1900s.

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Editor’s Note:

Lake City keeps on making news. Just recently, we reported on the ongoing fight to keep Lake City Army Ammunition Plant running ammunition for commercial production. Keeping that production number high enough to continue meeting civilian demand ensures Winchester can flip the switch when needed to meet military demand in a time of war. So any halting of civilian production equals lessening America’s military readiness.

To that end, we now live in the Next Generation Squad Weapon era. New rifle and light machine guns need ammo to feed these military beasts. And there’s no better place than Lake City to meet that growing demand.

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