Weatherby Sorix Inertia Recoil Shotgun is Here!

by Vern Evans

Weatherby just announced the release of its latest semi-auto shotgun line, one billed to deliver performance in the field. The Weatherby Sorix utilizes the company’s inertia recoil system for extreme reliability and rugged dependability.

Weatherby Sorix Details

The heart of the new shotgun line is the inertia operating system. A take on classic recoil-operated designs, Weatherby geared this sytem to run a wide range of lighter small game loads up through heavy magnum loads. Its comes in 12-gauge, 3- or 3.5-inch chambers and 20-gauge 3-inch chamber.

The new platform also offers completely ambidextrous controls. The platform accommodates left-handed shooters via Weatherby’s Shift System. A cut on the left side of the receiver allows swapping the charging handle. The safety also reverses sides. The Shift System ensures any shooter can fit the shotgun experience without compromising performance, according to Weatherby.

A competition cut receiver and oversized controls offer component upgrades savvy shooters demand. Geared toward the waterfowler in this launch, the competition cut facilitates faster and easier reloading. Meanwhile, the oversized slammer button, charging handle and safety ensure manual of arms in adverse conditions and while wearing gloves.

A stepped rib and LPA fiber-optic sight help aid in target acquisition. Adjustable stock shims enable shooters to fine tune cast and fit. The receiver and barrel feature a Cerakote coating for weather resistance. Textured touch points aid in a non-slip grip. A soft cheekpiece creates a buffer between the shooter and the effects of magnum recoil.

The new Sorix comes optics-ready, the receiver drilled and tapped with four, 8-40 holes for mounting an optic. The shotgun platform utilizes Crip Plus chokes and comes with five: cylinder, improved cylinder, modified, improved modified, and full).

Finally, the Sorix delivers a unique look all its own. Hand-painted brush patterns come in a choice of camo finishes, launching with Midnight Marsh, Storm, and Slough.

A competition cut on the receiver helps facilitate faster loading.

The new Weatherby Sorix retails for $1,499. For more info, visit

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