Watch Frontline Defense First Responder Bulletproof Backpack Deploy

by Vern Evans

Responding to an active shooter scenario remains one of the most intense, dangerous action for law enforcement professionals. To help officers remain safe, the Frontline Defense First Responder Bulletproof Backpack provides near instant deployment of critical body armor in the field.

Frontline Defense First Responder Backpack

The pack comprises a 40-liter, bullet-resistant, slash-proof-, waterproof, stab-resistant system. A Go Bag for professionals, it instantly converts into a bulletproof vest, providing front and back protection. The unit holds two 10×12-inch hard ballistic plates or 11×14-inch soft plates within the carriers.

Operators activate the armor while on-body via a patented deployment system. A quick pull of the tabs, pulling them over the user’s head, extends the front protection plate. The Stay Put Armor system keeps any standard plate in place. It offers discreet, concealed storage behind the user when not in use.

The overall construction of 1000 Denier nylon, with triple-stitched seams and staked stress points, provides durability. The First Responder Bulletproof Backpack holds equipment for daily use, including laptops. It comes TSA compliant for travel.

The system utilizes MOLLE, putting pouches and accessories within easy reach, including med kits or holsters. The company offers the backpack as a standalone purchase to utilize their own plates, or the entire system with two soft or hard plates. All plates meet or exceed NIJ standards for ballistic protection, according to Frontline Defense.

Prices start at $369. For more info, visit

Frontline Defense First Responder Backpack Features

  • Patented, Fail-Safe Deployment (U.S. Patent 11181343)
  • Armor meets and exceeds NIJ Standard 0101.06 for ballistic protection
  • 100% TRUE Concealment Chamber
  • Stay-Put Armor System
  • Rapid Deploy Belt – Fits any Waist
  • Slash-Proof, Waterproof, and Stab Resistant
  • TSA Compliant
  • M.O.L.L.E. Carrier System
  • Velcro Rocker
  • Triple Stitched Seams
  • Staked Stress Points
  • Will Fit the Largest Laptops
  • MSRP: $369 – $769

First Responder Backpack Specs

  • 40-liter Capacity
  • 17” Height x 6” Depth x 13” Width
  • Backpack Weight: 5lbs (without armor)
  • Material – 1000 Denier Nylon

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