Trump Loses His Gun Rights

by Vern Evans
Donald Trump and revolver (courtesy

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With 34 felony convictions being delivered to President Donald J. Trump Thursday afternoon by a New York jury—in what is questionably a rigged trial and unquestionably a politically motivated trial—there remain a number of questions on what will actually happen next and how it will play out. One thing that is not in question, at least until a successful appeal is decided on, is that Trump is now barred from owning or possessing firearms.

Journalist Stephen Gutowski over at The Reload was quick to report on some of the obvious ironies this situation creates for gun rights in this country. He writes:

While the convictions are for felonies under New York law, they trigger the federal ban on convicts owning guns. That means authorities will likely require Trump to turn over any firearms in his possession.

“What is commonly referred to as the felon-in-possession ban will apply to Trump because these New York crimes are punishable by more than one year in prison,” Gabriel Malor, a federal appellate lawyer and legal commentator, told The Reload.

Trump’s felony convictions will likely shake up the 2024 election. They will undoubtedly put the gun-rights movement in a weaker state. The candidate championing gun owners is no longer legally allowed to be one.

The law already barred the former president from obtaining new guns because of the numerous federal felony indictments against him, which are still being litigated. The New York convictions turn that prohibition into a total ban on ownership. It’s unclear if Donald Trump currently owns firearms and, if so, how many.

However, he has spent most of his political career courting gun owners. The National Rifle Association, which endorsed him earlier this month, was among the only major organizations to back his successful 2016 bid. He has spoken at every one of their annual meetings since that time.

From a practical standpoint, a firearms restriction likely doesn’t impact Trump at a high level, as it is questionable whether he even actually owns any guns as Gutowski observes.

His son, Don Jr., certainly is though, as the businessman, world traveler and avid hunter frequently showcases in his magazine, newsletters and website of the same name, Field Ethos. It’s one of the best outdoor websites and certainly magazines available for people who love the outdoor lifestyle without apologies to the meeker folks with whom we must share the planet. Check it out if you’re not familiar. The elder Trump has leaned on his smart and well-spoken son for input on conservation and related sporting issues, and Don Jr. and his crew’s love and commitment to adventure are clear.

As for President Trump’s security concerns, a restriction on possessing firearms will hardly impact him like it would the common man, since he still has a team of Secret Service personnel covering his six, his three, his nine and even his 12, and will have them for the rest of his life.

There is little doubt despite yesterday’s convictions that this story is anything but far from over. Appeals and more political wrangling from both sides of the aisle are sure to follow in the coming weeks and months right up through the election in November. One thing is for sure, with Trump at the center, it’s going to be a wild ride to watch. Unfortunately, it is one that may take the entire country with it.

Here’s an interesting consideration: If the convictions hold, but Trump is elected president again in November, can he then pardon himself? According to The New York Times and Washington Post, both liberal publications that no doubt fear this possibility, the answer is actually, “no.” According to the Post, “If Donald Trump wins back the presidency, he would once again have broad pardon power — but that federal authority would not overturn his state conviction in the New York hush money trial.”

Check out the complete Gutowski article on the Trump convictions at The Reload.

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