This is My Rifle, This is My Gun: Study Debunks Stereotype That Gun Owners are Compensating for Something

by Vern Evans
Photo of a lone anti-gun protestor from the Virginia Citizens Defense League Rally Day in January 2024.

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It remains a sad, bigoted trope that men dissatisfied with the size or performance ability (not one in the same) of their sex organs tend to own guns to compensate. We know that’s BS. After all, why would any guy buy or carry a snubnosed revolver if he was compensating for short-man syndrome? A new study debunks that long-held myth – primarily held by those who don’t understand or appreciate the proven benefits of firearm ownership.

What makes the study’s results even more delicious has to do with the anti-gun snowflakes who funded it. “Change the Ref” paid for the study. Change the Ref reportedly “uses urban art and nonviolent creative confrontation to expose the disastrous effects of the mass shooting pandemic.”

If you visit their website (we did so you don’t have to), here’s how they describe themselves:

and works to reduce the influence of the NRA and gun manufacturers through strategic interventions and by using art as a form of communication.

Ummm, ok. So, you have a study paid for by people who dislike gun ownership and presumably gun owners as well trying to tie bigoted old tropes to reality. Just in time for Pride Month.

The academics conducting the study found evidence that not only failed to support their small-minded stereotypes, but just the opposite. Men happy and satisfied with their “equipment” tend to like to own guns. And men unhappy or dissatisfied with their twig tend not to own guns.

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From the NY Post:

There’s a good reason to ask whether or not it’s a gun in their pocket.

The long-held myth that men who own guns are … err, overcompensating for something … has been debunked by scientists in a new study published in the American Journal of Men’s Health.

Rather, researchers at the University of Texas at San Antonio found that men quite satisfied with certain physical assets are most likely to have guns.

The correlation between the male sexual psyche and behaviors like buying big houses, driving loud cars and dating young women is a common comedic trope in popular culture as well a topic of legitimate sociological speculation, including the suggestion that men who are preoccupied with guns are also insecure about their small penis.

“Contrary to popular beliefs, our current study shows that men who are more satisfied with the size of their penises are more likely to personally own guns,” said study author Terrence D. Hill, a professor at UTSA.

In a previous study, UTSA researchers found no relationship between gun ownership and sexual dysfunction. Still, Hill’s team aimed to identify a direct link between penis size and guns for the latest findings.

How big was the difference between happy and dissatisfied?

In contrast to popular belief, researchers found that the more dissatisfied men were with their penises, the less likely they were to own a gun — subtracting 11% probability of gun-toting with each step down in penis size satisfaction.

The chances of owning a military-style rifle were even lower — 20% — with each increased unit of penis size dissatisfaction.

So ladies, if you needed another reason to seek out good men who can act as family leaders and protectors of their loved ones including wives, children and homes with something more than a stern word and a sharp stick, see this study in the American Journal of Men’s Health.  Then go seek out men who appreciate the many proven benefits of firearm ownership.

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