The All-New Wilson Combat EDC X9 2.0 is Here!

by Vern Evans

Wilson Combat just announced the update many have been waiting for. The new Wilson Combat EDC X9 2.0 updates the line originally launched in 2016. It features multiple upgrades aimed at delivering performance and reliability without sacrificing the elite aesthetics Wilson Combat pistols are known for.

Wilson Combat EDC X9 2.0 Details

“The EDC X9 has been the most extensive design and development project Wilson Combat has undertaken in our 40-year history, and it reflects what the company has become today from our humble beginnings as a one-man gunsmithing shop,” said Bill Wilson, CEO of Wilson Combat.

The new EDC X9 2.0 features an all-new solid frame design, building off a high-capacity compact aluminum X-Frame. It brings full-size performance in a sleek, EDC-friendly package, according to Wilson Combat. Improvements target enhancing accuracy while reducing recoil.

Designed by Bill Wilson and Wilson Combat engineers, the X-Frame comprises a 15-round, high-capacity 9mm 1911 frame. The size is similar to that of a traditional, compact, single-stack 1911.

Increasing versatility, the new platform utilizes interchangeable Classic 1911-style grips. The screw-on grips help quickly fine-tune the setup, providing a balance between comfort and concealment.

“During my extensive shooting of the EDC X9 during development and final testing, I have been very impressed with its functional reliability beginning all the way back to some of the early prototypes,” Wilson added. “This tells me the overall design is inherently very sound and I applaud our engineers and pistol smiths that worked so hard on this project.”

The new line launches with three variants: EDC X9L 2.0 5″, EDC X9 2.9 4″, and EDC X9 2.0 3.25″ Subcompact. Retail prices range from $3,210 to $3,315. Each pistol comes chambered in 9mm, with magazine capacities ranging from 15 to 18 rounds.

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Editor’s Take:

Few people alive know the 1911 like Bill Wilson. A longtime trigger puller of the highest order, Wilson and his team build guns the right way. They also blend extensive knowledge in both concealed carry and competition use. The resulting guns, without fail, always impress. The updated EDC X9 will no doubt prove another winner.

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