Polymer80 Settles Lawsuit, Will Stop Selling Guns To Maryland Residents

by Vern Evans
Courtesy Polymer80

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Baltimore, with the help of the Brady Campaign, sued Polymer80, blaming guns for 90% of the gang murders homicides in that city. Of course, we all know that P80s aren’t like the gingerbread man in that they spring to life when completed to rush out and murder people. However, that didn’t stop the plaintiffs (Baltimore & Brady) from making all sorts of wild-eyed accusations against Polymer80, while ignoring our nation’s rich history and tradition of manufacturing firearms at home.

On Wednesday, Polymer80 settled the suit with a payment and agreed to cease sales to Maryland residents.

Bold prediction: The homicides in Baltimore won’t suddenly drop precipitously. Sure, Baltimore knows that 90% of gangland killings were done with guns, but how many of those were homemade? Do they even have a clue? Were they able to apprehend each of the murdering perps and confiscate the murder guns?

If they’re anything like Chicago’s PD, they don’t have suspects in the majority of homicides.

From The Hill:

A leading manufacturer of ghost guns will halt sales to Maryland residents under a settlement agreement reached with the city of Baltimore, the city announced Wednesday. 

The agreement will settle Baltimore’s lawsuit against Polymer80, a Nevada-based manufacturer of ghost guns and firearm parts. The suit argued the company and its firearms have created a public health crisis in the city.

Ghost guns are firearms sold as do-it-yourself kits and are usually untraceable and unserialized. 

Baltimore accused Polymer80 of intentionally undermining various state and federal firearm laws to design, manufacture and sell ghost gun kits and parts without requiring a background check. 

An increasing number of ghost guns have been recovered by law enforcement in criminal investigations or in the hands of minors, prompting both state and federal efforts to curb their proliferation. The Biden administration in 2022 announced a crackdown on ghost guns, which was challenged by gun rights advocacy groups shortly afterward.

Gun control is racist, sexist and classist. Most Americans don’t support that.

Going after Polymer80 is nothing but gun control and victim disarmament for the little people, not lowering violent crime. They’re keeping affordable guns out of the hands of the working poor who need guns for self-defense in those crime-infested cities across Maryland.

If political leaders wanted to reduce violent crime, all they would have to do is put violent predators in prison for a generation or three, and in short order the murder and mayhem in Baltimore would drop precipitously.

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