‘NOT BY ACCIDENT’: California Sheriff Roasts ‘Radicals’ In California For Exploding Crime Problem

by Vern Evans
Screen capture by Boch via YouTube.

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The Left in America loves to champion “Criminal Justice Reform.”  Running that slogan through the universal translator,  that means not putting criminals in jails or prison, emptying prisons bad bad people already there and and end to cash bail.  It also includes legalizing drugs and decriminalizing crime through legislation.

Of course, these lead to more crime and misery, which these woke social justice warriors conveniently ignore, in part because the lion’s share of this crime doesn’t touch them personally.

Last Thursday, Riverside County Sheriff Chad Bianco spoke at the Golden State Capitol building to champion public safety over woke politics. He didn’t hold back, either. Bianco described crime in California as a crisis and blaming the woke, social justice warriors for it.  Their “Criminal Justice Reform” has allowed crime to skyrocket.

He described this soft-on-crime jihad by the left as a sick and twisted social experiment.

Didn’t hear about that in the media? Well, if you guessed the media covered Bianco and the others advocating for public safety over woke politics, you would be right. They carefully covered the event—with a pillow until it stopped moving.

Instead of covering a sheriff sounding the alarm over the insane growth in violent crime in the state, the LA Times covered these critical stories Monday morning.

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Screen capture by Boch. 9am Monday Feb 26, 2024.

From ZeroHedge:

“We are here today because California Public Safety is in crisis. Crime is steadily on the rise—and our public safety policy is one of the worst, if not the worst, in the nation,” Riverside County Sheriff Chad Bianco said last week while joining lawmakers in Sacramento in support of several new bills dealing with public safety.

Bianco emphasized: I want to make this clear, and I want there to be no mistake in what I am saying … this is not by accident … the driving force in our crisis is a radical Progressive agenda fraudulently called Criminal Justice Reform. This is nothing short of a sick and twisted social experiment where law enforcement is the bad guy and criminals are somehow victims of society and not responsible for their actions.”




Man who voted for Prop 47 now regrets it because it led to a rise in crimes, drugs, and lawlessness in California.
byu/shankmaster8000 inJoeRogan

Of course, in addition to letting bad guys out of prison, Gavin Newsom signs every gun control restriction he can upon the law-abiding, productive class in his state. Newsom seems committed to protecting the criminal class while banishing the right to self-defense for the good people. No doubt he has plenty of bodyguards protecting his family, using their guns to insulate the governor from the collateral damage from his politics and policies.

California is doomed. No wonder why people who can afford to move have already loaded up their U-Haul and resettled in sane states.

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