New Yorkers Sure Didn’t Get Much Safety For Their Lost 4A Rights

by Vern Evans
New York City Subway. Nic Y-C/Unsplash Photo

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“Where’s NYPD? Oh my God! Close the door! Close the door!”

That’s the reality a bunch of New Yorkers faced after a terrible shooting at a subway station in Brooklyn. And this, just a couple of days after I predicted that random bag checks that violate the Fourth Amendment wouldn’t work. Instead of getting more safety for giving up their constitutional rights, they got this: (From CBS New York)

A man was shot multiple times on the platform of a Brooklyn subway station on Thursday afternoon. It happened just before 5 p.m. on the northbound platform of the A/C line at the Hoyt-Schermerhorn station. The victim was rushed to the hospital in critical condition. Police say another man was taken into custody, and charges are pending. A gun was also recovered.

Police said a 32-year-old man got on the train at Nostrand Avenue, when he was approached by a 36-year-old man acting aggressively. The two men began arguing and then fighting. Police said the 36-year-old first pulled out a knife, and then a gun. That’s when the other man grabbed the gun and shot the 36-year-old multiple times.

Investigators are now searching for a woman who was traveling with the man in custody. They say the woman had a sharp object, or knife, and stabbed the 36-year-old man during the confrontation.

But, instead of acknowledging that criminals with weapons fighting each other in the subway are the problem, New York’s “finest” had this to say: “The real victims are the people in the video having a harrowing time with someone on the train with a gun. They just want to get on with their lives, so get rid of the guns!”

Having eviscerated the Second and Fourth Amendments, it’s not clear what else New York’s officials are going to do next. It’s very unlikely that they’ll wise up and let people defend themselves from crime, so they’ll likely look for more constitutional rights to violate in their quest for absolute safety.

But, we do know from experience that this doesn’t ever work, no matter how many human rights a government violates. In England, where gun rights are basically nonexistent, the crime continues to be a problem. Now, the government is going after kitchen knives. In Mexico, there’s a similar situation, but the government has been compromised by criminal organizations and during some years, Mexican cities have been the most dangerous on the planet.

I know gun control advocates would like to tell me that I’m picking the wrong countries to compare. After all, there are some nice European and Asian countries with strict gun control and very little crime. But, that reveals the ultimate weakness of their position. If gun control sometimes results in chaos and sometimes results in a good society, then gun control is obviously not the deciding factor. Other things, like a functioning society, economic prosperity and social norms against criminality are more likely candidates to look at.

Either way, it’s pretty clear that in American cities, we don’t have a Nordic situation going on where gun control can be instituted and people stay safe. New York’s continued crime even after other nonweapon rights have been violated shows us that we’re more likely to end up like Mexico if we let the gun grabbers have their way.

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