New Mexico Gun Laws Could Lead to Increase in Number of Concealed Carry Permits

by Vern Evans
Welcome to New Mexico: Land of Concealed Carry. Laura Mann/Unsplash Photo

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In light of recent legislative changes in New Mexico, firearms rights advocates anticipate a surge in applications for concealed carry permits following the enactment of new gun control measures. According to an article by the Albuquerque Journal, the new laws, set to take effect on May 15, include a seven-day waiting period for most firearm purchases, an exemption for concealed carry permit holders, and restrictions on carrying firearms within a certain distance from polling places during elections, again with exemptions for those with concealed carry permits.

Tom Kaye of the New Mexico Firearms Industry Association highlighted the potential for increased demand for concealed carry classes due to a lack of awareness about the new laws.

“When they are told that if they had an NM concealed carry license they could take the firearm home the same day, it will generate much more demand for concealed carry classes,” Kaye explained. This sentiment is echoed by gun store owners like Arnie Gallegos of ABQ Guns, who has observed a growing interest in concealed carry classes among customers.

The legislation has also sparked concerns among anti-gun groups. Miranda Viscoli, co-president of New Mexicans to Prevent Gun Violence, acknowledged the potential for an uptick in gun sales and permit applications but stressed the importance of the laws for safety.

“It does concern me that now we’ll get people getting more concealed carry permits,” Viscoli said, pointing out the ease of obtaining a permit and the lack of firearm handling knowledge among some applicants.

The implementation of these laws presents logistical challenges for gun retailers, who now face increased administrative burdens and the need for additional secure storage space. The seven-day waiting period extension for the sale of firearms and the extended wait time for federal background checks, now up to 20 days, are particularly cumbersome adjustments for small, locally owned businesses.

Despite these challenges, the response from the public and the impact on concealed carry permit applications remains to be fully realized, as the New Mexico Department of Public Safety has yet to release recent data on permit requests. However, both advocates for and against the new legislation agree that the changes will likely influence New Mexicans’ approach to gun ownership and concealed carry practices and the number of citizens applying for and holding concealed carry permits will likely increase, not what the anti-gunners had anticipated.

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