Idiocracy: Colorado Pushes California-Style Laws to Limit Civil Liberties and Public Safety

by Vern Evans
Colorado capitol building by Hunter Starritt/Unsplash

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Spearheaded by Democratic lawmakers, a suite of nine anti-gun bills has been proposed in the state of Colorado, marking a shaper turn to California-style politics and views, that will severely harm the quality of life for all Coloradans. Conservative media outlets have pointed out in past days how these measures, if passed, could introduce a range of negative consequences, disproportionately impacting the most vulnerable segments of society and infringing upon fundamental rights.

The proposed legislation includes a broad spectrum of restrictions, from the outright ban on “assault weapons” to imposing an 11% tax on ammunition and gun sales. Additionally, there are plans to limit where firearms can be carried, enforce mandatory storage of firearms in vehicles, and overhaul the current system for concealed carry training. Each of these measures, while crafted with the intention of reducing gun violence, carries with it a host of unintended repercussions.

First and foremost, the ban on semiautomatic rifles, including popular models like the AR-15, is a contentious issue. Critics, such as Colorado Springs firearms instructor Ava Flanell, told the Denver Gazette that such bans have historically failed to impact crime rates positively. Instead, they have led to the closure of gun stores, as seen in Washington state, without making a dent in criminal activities. This not only impacts local businesses but also strips law-abiding citizens of their ability to purchase firearms for self-defense and recreational purposes.

The imposition of an 11% tax on ammunition and gun sales is another area of concern. This additional financial burden may not deter criminals, who often do not acquire their weapons through legal channels, but it will undoubtedly make it more challenging for lower-income individuals to exercise their Second Amendment rights. In essence, this tax could create a scenario where only the wealthy have the means to protect themselves, exacerbating the divide between different socioeconomic classes.

Furthermore, restricting where guns can be carried and mandating vehicle storage introduces practical challenges for gun owners. These measures may inadvertently increase the risk of theft and complicate the logistics of transporting firearms safely. The increase in concealed carry training requirements, while seemingly benign, raises questions about accessibility and affordability for everyday citizens wishing to exercise their right to carry.

Among the proposed bills, Senate Bill 24-131, which aims to bar guns from sensitive spaces, and House Bill 24-1353, requiring state permits for gun dealers, stand out for their potential to complicate the landscape of gun ownership further. These bills not only increase the bureaucratic hurdles for owning and selling firearms but also signal a shift towards more centralized control over gun regulations, away from the existing federal framework.

Critics argue that these measures, rather than addressing the root causes of gun violence, focus disproportionately on law-abiding citizens. This approach overlooks the complexities of criminal behavior and the myriad factors contributing to violence in society. Moreover, by making it increasingly difficult for individuals to comply with the law, these proposed regulations might drive a wedge between gun owners and law enforcement, undermining trust and cooperation in the process.

The potential for these laws to infringe on constitutional rights cannot be understated and the danger their approval would pose to citizens of the state are real.

The Second Amendment, while subject to interpretation and debate, has been a cornerstone of American liberties. By imposing stringent controls and financial barriers on gun ownership, Colorado risks setting a precedent that could erode individual freedoms and ignite legal battles that stretch far beyond its borders. Quality of life in Colorado began a marked decline with the open legalization of marijuana and progressive leaders want to take that destruction a step further. All Americans need to take note. The blight of Cancerfornia has spread to yet another once-great state and threatens to overwhelm all of the country unless good Americans stand up and push back.

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