Idaho Central Credit Union Prohibits Firearm & Ammo Purchases by Members

by Vern Evans
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Imagine a credit union that dictates their idea of morality to their members via fine print in their agreements that most members don’t even read.  Idaho Central Credit Union did just that until one member actually read her agreement and found some very objectionable terms and took it to the local media.

Among those objectionable terms: “You agree further that you will not use eBranch to request, send or receive money relating to any of the following specific purposes…  firearms, ammunition or other weapons.”

The morality police at ICCU also prohibit using their institution to purchase controlled substances, so that sort of rules out picking up you or your kid’s prescription for pain relievers, ADD medications, cough syrup or a host of other medications from your local pharmacy.

The ICCU also wants members not to use your own money for “sexually oriented activities or materials, including pornography.”  Uh oh.

Screen capture by Boch. Via KTVB.

Or crypto currencies.

Screen capture by Boch. Via KTVB.

They’re is also nebulous verbiage about using your money related to intolerance, violence or hate. Who gets to define what’s “intolerance, violence or hate”? Does that mean donations to Trump’s Presidential Campaign are verboten? Or NRA dues?

KTVB reported on the ICCU’s heavy-handed terms and conditions in a recent news story.  Caught red-handed, the credit union promptly revised their terms and conditions.

Gone is the verbiage prohibiting firearm and ammunition purchases, crypto and controlled substances.

Screen capture by Boch via

It still prohibits using your account to pay your taxes, or for alimony or child support payments or to pay a speeding ticket.

These folks just don’t get it. It’s not THEIR money, it’s your money. If you want to buy a new 9mm defensive handgun and ammo to feed it, then you should be able to do so unencumbered by a nanny-state credit union’s Karens.  If you want to pay that speeding or parking ticket, or child support, they should process the transaction just like any other.

Hopefully people will react accordingly.

As for gun owners who bank with ICCU, now might be a fine time to open an account at another Idaho institution because of another law. Specifically “Murphy’s Law” in that if something can go wrong, it will go wrong. And usually at the most inopportune time. You don’t want your property tax payment to bounce because some algorithm detected a tax payment and voided the electronic transfer.

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