GPO Rangetracker 2000: Compact, Lightweight Rangefinder

by Vern Evans

German Precision Optics just announced the next evolution to its Rangetracker line of rangefinders. The GPO Rangetracker 2000 comprises a compact, lightweight, one-handed rangefinder to accurately range targets out to 2,000 yards.

GPO Rangetracker 2000 Details

The Rangefinder 2000 incorporates clear optics, allowing absolute aiming options, and modern electronic technology to deliver a fast ranging system. The unit delivers ranges from close ranges of 6 yards, perfect for archery hunters, all the way out to long-range targets. The small, multi-use rangefinding tool carries a price just under $500.

A new OLED red-illuminated display readout enhances the Rangetracker’s performance. The illuminated display delivers multiple brightness settings, making the readout visible in low light conditions or turned off for sunny conditions. A high-transmission optical system comes coated with GPO’s proprietary GPObright lens coatings. It includes line of sight and True-range adjusted angle distance readings, a Hyperscan feature, and Targetseeker technology offering “best” and “last” laser hits.

The Rangetracker 2000 retails for $499.99. For more info, visit

GPO Rangetracker 2000 Specs

Magnification 6x
FOV @ 1000y 400ft
Objective Diameter 20mm
Ocular Diameter 25mm
Exit Pupil Diameter 3.3mm
Eye Relief GOOD 16mm
Housing Polycarbonate
Waterproof IPX4
Length 3.7in
Weight 5.2oz
Battery Type CR2
Color Charcoal Black, Deep Green
FOV Angle 7.5 degrees

Editor’s Take:

Optics continue adding versatility and capability without dramatically increasing in price. For around $500, the Rangetracker enables shooters to identify targets from extremely close range to well past a mile. That’s an incredible tool to keep in a pack, on the boat, in the truck, or wherever you tackle your adventures afield. We’ve had good rangefinders on the market for some time now. But more equals better for the consumer. At $500, with loads of versatility and functionality, the Rangefinder 2000 looks to be worth a look for shooters and hunters alike.

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