Even Mainstream Media Can’t Argue: Women Learning to Safely Shoot is a Good Story

by Vern Evans
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At the Strong Arms Gun Club in Virginia recently, WTKR news was on hand as approximately 20 women gathered to learn firearm handling and safety from Joel Jones, a local firearms instructor. Amidst rising concerns about public safety, these women, ranging in profession from real estate agents to mothers, are part of a growing demographic turning to firearms for protection.

Even as mainstream media tries to play to the negatives of shooting, when it comes to female empowerment and safety, it’s hard to put a negative spin on learning how to safely shoot a gun. And to the paper’s credit, they looked at the movement from a positive view.

“Especially with things going on like shootings in stores. You can be grocery shopping and anything can happen, so I just want to be safe and protect my children as well,” explained Raleesha Hinton, a Virginia Beach resident.

Pamela Maldonado, also from Virginia Beach and a real estate agent, shared her reasons, noting the risks of meeting clients alone and traveling at night. Adrienne Thoroughgood emphasized the importance of understanding the laws and being properly trained in firearm use.

The trend of women gun owners is on the rise, with Pew researchers noting an increase from 13 percent in 2013 to 22 percent of gun owners now being women. The primary reason cited is personal protection.

During the session, Jones emphasized the importance of not only safe handling and proper storage of firearms but also education on the use of firearms for self-defense.

“I think it’s important for anybody that’s going to be dealing with a firearm to know exactly what they’re dealing with and how to keep themselves safe and others safe,” Bria Pollock, another participant, told WTKR.

Jones also stressed the importance of educating children on firearm safety, advising that guns should not only be securely locked away but that families should have discussions about safety fundamentals. Firearms, are, after all, not something to be feared, but something to understand, especially when it comes to safety.

By the end of the class, many participants told the news channel they felt more confident in their ability to handle firearms safely.

This class is part of a broader movement within the community and nationwide encouraging responsible gun ownership and education as a means to enhance personal safety, the news channel reported.

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