Colorado Gun-Banners Push Multiple Bad Measures  

by Vern Evans

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As anti-gun Colorado lawmakers continue to try to make their state the “California East,” gun owners find themselves facing a number of restrictive proposals that would severely infringe upon their right to keep and bear arms.


One of the most dangerous proposals is an ban on so-called “assault weapons” that would take in a very high percentage of semi-automatic firearms, both long guns and handguns.


House Bill 24-1292 bans the manufacture, import, purchase, sale, offering for sale or transfer of ownership of so-called “assault weapons.” The measure’s overly broad definition bans not only AR-15-style rifles, but also countless other rifles, pistols and shotguns that Coloradans use for hunting, target shooting and self-defense.


Unfortunately for Colorado’s lawful gun owners, after a marathon session with many pro- and anti-gun citizens speaking, the measure recently cleared its first hurdle, with the Colorado House Judiciary Committee on March 19 approving the measure on a party-line 7-3 vote.


Another measure, SB 24-131, expands the so-called “sensitive places” where firearms cannot be carried to include polling places, public parks, community centers, churches, college campuses and more. The measure is being considered today by the Senate Judiciary Committee.


As NRA’s Institute for Legislative Action explained in an Action Alert: “Nothing in the bill requires these “sensitive places” to have any measures to protect citizens and prevent armed criminals from ignoring this arbitrary boundary and entering. Ninety-four percent of mass shootings occur in these gun-free zones; signage is not enough to stop criminals.


While these two bills are particularly high profile, a number of other anti-gun measures are also under consideration this legislative session in Colorado. HB 24-1348 recently passed out of the House Judiciary Committee and will likely be up for consideration on the House floor soon. That measure mandates how firearms must be stored in unattended vehicles.


Additionally, HB 24-1270 would dictate that gun owners purchase a liability insurance policy to purchase and carry a firearm in the state, HB 24-1353 would create a state permitting system for federally regulated firearms license holders, and HB 24-1310 would teachers and other school professionals of their ability to carry a concealed firearm on school grounds to protect students.

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