Chicago-Area Road Rage Incident Ends in CCL Holder Defending Himself

by Vern Evans
Angry driver honking and beeping the horn. Road rage.

We reported last week on three incidents where concealed carry license (CCL) holders in violence-plagued Chicago were forced to defend themselves, and it appears the hits just keep on coming. Also, last week, Fox 32 is reporting that a road rage incident in the Crestwood area resulted in the fatal shooting of a tow truck driver.

Crestwood police responded to a report of gunfire around 3:02 p.m. last Tuesday near 132nd Street and Cicero Avenue. Upon arrival, they found a 35-year-old man suffering from a gunshot wound. Officers provided immediate assistance until paramedics from the Crestwood Fire Department arrived and transported the victim to Christ Hospital.

The police investigation revealed that the confrontation began as a road rage incident, leading to a collision between a tow truck and a Buick Enclave near Cal Sag Road and Cicero Avenue. Both vehicles then continued south on Cicero Avenue before turning into the access road to Rivercrest Mall.

After stopping, the tow truck driver allegedly brandished a firearm. In response, the driver of the Buick Enclave, who possesses a valid CCL, drew his own weapon and fired, striking the tow truck driver with a single shot.

The tow truck driver later succumbed to his injuries. The Buick Enclave driver is cooperating with authorities as the investigation continues.

The good guy may or may not have one in this one. That’s the difficult part of road rage incidents is they can involve two people who are both decent folks just caught up in too much emotion at the wrong moment. If you carry a gun, a good policy is to always operate as if everyone else on the road has one as well, and just let the idiots who can’t drive go. It’s not worth the potential legal trouble or in the case of the two truck driver, injury or death, because someone drifted into your lane or cut you off.

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