Buy a Gun: Sage Advice From Chicago 911 Supervisor

by Vern Evans
Image by Boch.

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In Chicago, at least half the time there are no police officers available to respond to 911 calls for help – not even the highest priority calls like stabbings, domestics, rapes, gunshot victims and so forth. Not even for a triple homicide. In August 2022, it took police 20 minutes to arrive at the scene of a triple homicide with two more victims critically injured and a suspect nearby.

The trend continues to this day. When seconds count, cops are just minutes – or hours away. Just a couple of weeks ago, a Chicago mom called after she suffered a home invasion committed by two masked men. She waited four hour hours for officers to arrive.

From NBC Chicago:

A Chicago mom is raising questions about the police response after two men broke into her Wicker Park home, with four hours elapsing before officers arrived after her 911 call.

Before cops arrived, she called 911 again (and again) to ask for an ETA for responding officers. Eventually she asked for a supervisor. That supervisor reportedly asked her if “I had a weapon or considered getting one.”

God helps those who help themselves.

She could have had a quality revolver in her hand moments after two masked marauders tried forcing their way into her home.

Scientists agree that criminals commit fewer crimes after they’ve been shot.

Yet legislators in Springfield, led by the Illinois Black Caucus, spend a lot more time drafting (and passing) legislation to help criminals instead of holding them accountable.  For instance, Democrats passed HB 4409 to change references in a state law from “offender” to the kinder-gentler “justice impacted individual.”

Another bill has a bill to rename “habitual” gun criminals to “persistent unlawful possession of a weapon.”

Priorities. The Illinois Black Caucus and their radical allies in the Democrat party seem hellbent on defending “justice impacted individuals” while leaving the people victimized by these thugs and hoodlums on their own, the majority of the victims often ironically being Black Americans, whom the caucus supposedly represents.

With that in mind, prudent people will avail themselves to the proven benefits of firearm ownership. Get a gun, learn how to use it and prepare to defend your home and family. Because when seconds count, cops may be hours away. And the only thing that stops bad people with evil in their heart is a good guy with a gun.

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