Beretta Releases the 92GTS with Frame Mounted Safety & Decocking Lever

by Vern Evans

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The Beretta 92 series may not be quite as old as Browning’s 1911, but it’s creeping up on 50 years since it was designed in 1975. It’s seen more than its share of use with military and police forces around the world, and has always a popular choice with civilians as well. Beretta continues to tweak and improve the design, and offer new versions, and the latest to drop this week is the full size 92GTS. They previewed these at SHOT Show in January but it looks like they’re finally ready to go.

The 92GTS takes a lot of cues from more recent variations of the 92 using a Vertex style frame, an optics ready slide and a fiber optic front sight. The moist notable thing on the GTS though is the X-treme S trigger. This trigger allows for both single- and double-action firing modes and works with an ambidextrous, frame-mounted safety. You can carry the GTS cocked and locked like a 1911, or push up on the frame mounted safety to decock it and carry it double action. With the Vertex frame and 4.7-inch barrel the 92GTS is about the size of a Colt Commander, but it packs 18 rounds of 9mm, at least in states that allow it. Versions with 10- or 15-round mags are available if you live in a state with limited freedom.


Model: 92GTS Full Size
Magazine Capacity: 18
Action: Double/Single
Frame Material: Aluminum Frame
Locking System: Tilting Block
Overall Length: 8.5″
Weight Unloaded: 33.3oz
Frame Size: Full Size
Caliber: 9X19
Barrel Length: 4.7″
Grip Width: 1.5″
Overall Height: 5.4″
Overall Width: 1.5″
MSRP: Starting from $899


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