Amend2 Modular Stock and Enhanced Pistol Grip

by Vern Evans

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There are a lot of grip and stock options on the market for the AR platform, but it’s always nice to have options; especially when they bring something new to the table. Many of you are probably familiar with Amend2 from their AR, Glock and now SIG magazines. They’ve recently started making AR furniture too, and I had a chance to check out their Amend2 Modular Stock (AMS) and Enhanced Pistol Grip.

The Amend2 Modular Stock

The Amend2 Modular Stock is designed to fit a standard carbine receiver extension and is compatible with Mil-Spec AR-15 and AR-10 tubes. It’s made of a high strength polymer and had steel hardware. It has its own club footed profile rather than mimicking an M4 or other common stocks on the market. There’s a functional reason for that though, not just aesthetics. It has a skeletonized look to it that helps reduce weight, and that also provides an M-LOK accessory slot, and the shape allows room for the optional storage compartment, or other future modules. There’s a recessed control lever just forward of the storage area, a QD sling swivel socket, and a rubber butt pad. Amend2 states that it has multiple friction points to eliminate stock wobble. MSRP on the AMS is just $60 for the base unit or $75 for the one with the storage compartment installed. The storage compartment is $24 by itself if you get the base AMS first, and decide you want it later.

The Amend2 Enhanced Grip Module

If you’re adding an Amend2 stock to your rifle or carbine, you may as well have a grip to match. The Enhanced Grip Module is a solid option for that, or even on its own to match up with your other favorite furniture of choice. The Enhanced Grip will work with most any AR-15 or AR-10 system, or most other platforms that accept an AR grip. It’s solidly built from high-strength polymer and has an aggressive, but not abrasive texture to provide a solid grip. It has a straighter grip angle than a GI A2 grip, which works well with PDW style builds, or when you have your stock adjusted to accommodate body armor or heavy clothing. There’s also a storage compartment in the grip that will hold spare batteries for your lights or optics, or emergency Skittles. MSRP is just $20.

Hands On

I mounted the AMS and Enhanced grip on my Aero Precision M5 .308 SBR with 12-inch barrel, and a Swampfox Tomahawk LPVO. Swapping out stocks and grips was straightforward and only took a couple minutes. I liked the vibe of the AMS and grip on my mini marksman rifle. It seemed to fit the build well, so it checked that box off right away. The stock fit nicely on my receiver extension. It adjusted smoothy, and didn’t have any rattle to it. The friction points Amend2 discusses seem to work to eliminate play and rattle. At the same time it’s not so snug that it’s hard to adjust. I’ve had stocks fit so tight before that I had to practically beat them to get them to move. This is nowhere near like that. It operates smoothly, but locks up securely. The recessed release lever is easy enough to use. It isn’t quite as fast to engage as a an M4 lever, or a Magpul MOE lever, but it is much less likely to get bumped inadvertently.

From the shoulder the AMS is comfortable. It has a good sized butt plate, and the rubber locks securely into your shoulder. It’s not a thick recoil bad, but the rubber still helps with the recoil on this short-barrel .308 much better than a hard plastic buttplate. From the bench, the wide flat bottom rests nicely on a sandbag, and the angled front strap lets you use your off hand to pull the stock back into your shoulder.

The storage compartment is secured closed with a lever release. The door hinges upward and there’s room for a couple CR123 batteries with room to spare for some other small parts, a lens cleaning cloth for your optics or things of that sort. The M-LOK slots above the storage compartment allow you to attach other accessories. Amend2 mentions a dedicated battery carrier, so that may be in the works.

The Enhanced Pistol Grip has a nice, solid feel to it. It’s comparable in quality to any of the other big AR furniture companies, and a nice step up over an A2 grip. The straighter grip angle works well in conjunction with the AMS stock, especially if you have the stock shortened to less than full extension. The grip texture is positive and comfortable. It keeps your hand secure but doesn’t feel too aggressive. I was also able to reach all of my controls comfortably without having to change my grip with the Amend2 grip. The storage compartment could once again hold some batteries, small parts, or snack. At just under $20 it’s a nice, affordable upgrade.

Wrap Up

We all know there are a ton of options when it comes to customizing ARs. That’s a good thing though, and sometimes it’s nice to move beyond the common choices. Amend2’s foray into the AR furniture world is a solid one. They’re offering some great features, especially on the Modular Stock and solid values with the Enhanced Pistol Grip. If you have an older gun to upgrade or are doing a new build and want it to stand out from the crowd, and still offer solid performance, then give Amend2 a shot.








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