AG Composites OEM Stocks Offered to Rifle Manufacturers

by Vern Evans

Now here’s some news that will surely grab the attention of some rifle shooters. AG Composites OEM stocks will now be offered to major rifle manufacturers. The shift makes the popular aftermarket accessory available as a factory option for bolt-action rifle makers.

AG Composities OEM Stocks

AG Composites, the leader in the design and production of custom rifle stocks for both hunters and the world’s top competition shooters, is now offering fiberglass OEM stocks to rifle manufacturers looking for a high-quality stock for their mid-range rifle lines.

“This year, the company began producing a custom fiberglass stock lineup that allows shooters to experience the same world-class design and manufacturing processes used in our carbon fiber stocks at a lower price point,” said Matt Tandy, AG Composites owner. “The fiberglass stocks are designed and built using the same 71-step process and cutting-edge technology we use when building our best-in-class premium carbon fiber stocks. For those where weight is not an issue on their firearm, the few extra ounces with the fiberglass versus the carbon fiber will save them hundreds of dollars. And, they are all proudly 100 percent made in America.”

The offering gives rifle manufacturers the access to high-quality rifle stocks for their mid-range rifle lines. AG Composites also offers bottom metals for its rifle stocks, along with a line of aluminum anodized metal add-ons. A new line of camouflage patterns debuted for a new line of fiberglass stocks. So for any rifle company looking for a way to spice up the line, AG Composites deserves a look.

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Editor’s Take:

We recently tested builds featuring the AG Composites Visigoth and Alpine Hunter, and we were certainly impressed. Check out the video and full review. From the construction, to the look and in-field performance, this proved to be quality gear. We hope to see some major rifle builders jumping on these very soon.

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