A Legal Take on the Supreme Court’s Bump Stock Ruling

by Vern Evans
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(AP Photo/Cliff Owen)

When the Supreme Court ruled the federal government’s Trump-era ban on bump stocks was overreach and struck the restriction down, it removed a shadow from many gun owners who likely still owned the devices, removing otherwise honest, law-abiding citizens from the possibility of being an unintentional felon.

West Virginia defense attorney, Todd La Neve, who specializes in gun law, had this to say on his YouTube channel immediately following the Court’s 6-3 ruling last week on June 14:

“Bump stock ban ruled unconstitutional! This is a huge win for the 2nd Amendment in what was a controversial decision by the ATF to ban bump stocks in 2018. The final rule imposed against otherwise law-abiding Americans who owned a bump stock put them at risk of being classified as felons for possessing a device that just a few months earlier had been supported as a legal firearm accessory by the ATF. The federal court legal challenge to the rule began in 2018 and finally ended today with a definitive 6-3 majority ruling that the ban is unconstitutional and it is stricken once and for all!”

Check out La Neve’s informed take on the ruling and what this ultimately means for American gun owners in his video.


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