The Glock Clone on the Edge

by Vern Evans

We’ve all been there: exhausted, frustrated, with our backs up against the wall. Our emotional gas tank is empty, and someone pushes us a little bit further. Finally, we explode and let them know we are out of f*cks to give! For you, I present the ZRO Delta FKS-9.

The ZRO Delta FKS-9

ZRO Delta is now manufacturing a polymer-framed striker-fired 9mm pistol. It is based on the Glock Gen3 pattern and has given it the unmistakably sarcastic name, ZRO FKS-9!

I actually laughed out loud when Maggie Tortoledo, ZRO Delta’s director of marketing, put a gun in my hand and told me the model name at the 2024 SHOT Show. After scrutinizing the sample gun for a half-minute, I asked her to send me a Test & Evaluation.

Attitude is everything, and I have to respect a company that not only makes a great product but is unafraid to poke a little fun at itself!

The gun has a 4-inch barrel, a 15 + 1 capacity, and comes with one magazine. If you haven’t gathered by now, the ZRO FKS-9 is a well-built clone of the Glock Gen3 G19.

Glock Gen3 Compatible

Why Gen3? Among Glock clone manufacturers and shooters, the Gen3 series possesses an almost cult-like following. Some claim that the Gen3s possess better triggers, while others opine that there are more aftermarket accessories available for it.

But the truth of the matter is that the Gen3 series is old enough that Glock’s patents have expired. By the way, Glock still manufactures Gen3 guns primarily for California. Specifically because it is the last generation approved for sale in the overly litigious state.

ZRO Delta’s starting point was the Glock G19 Gen3. The company took a long, hard look at what most people liked and disliked about the gun.

You’ll notice the ZRO FKS-9 doesn’t have finger grooves on the front strap. However, ZRO Delta manufactures the frame with a comfortable and familiar 18ᵒ grip angle. Likewise, it uses an extended beavertail to prevent slide-bite and undercuts the trigger guard where it meets the frame to allow for a high grip.

ZRO Delta prioritizes ergonomics, and the FKS-9 has a texture that provides a secure shooting grip even if the hands are wet. Bilateral indexing pads on the frame allow shooters to consistently index their support hand thumb. This also gives the trigger finger a place to rest when not on the trigger.

ZRO Delta includes a tactical light rail on the dust cover, and the frame also sports a reversible magazine release.

Of course, any aftermarket accessories designed for the Glock G19 Gen3 should work fine with the FKS-9. This includes triggers, magazines, and holsters.

Optics Options

ZRO Delta machines the FKS-9 slides from 416 Stainless Steel. They are coated with a matte, non-reflective black nitride finish. There are three different models of the FKS-9 available.

The Standard Model does not have an optics option and is priced at $399. The Deluxe Model features an RMR cut for direct mounting of a Trijicon optic or one with the same footprint. ZRO Delta’s Deluxe Model has a suggested retail price of $450.

For my testing and evaluation, I reviewed the Premium Model with Optic Ready plates, which costs $499. The included plates allow the user to mount a Trijicon RMR®, Shield RMSc, and Vortex Viper.

The FKS-9 is a handsome pistol. ZRO Delta gives the slide some interesting and aesthetically pleasing cuts. Likewise, it also features deeply cut cocking serrations fore and aft. The muzzle end of the slide is given a deep bevel, aiding the shooter in re-holstering the gun.

ZRO Delta outfits the FKS-9 with standard Glock-style sights, including a white dot front sight and a serrated rear sight. Some time ago, Trijicon sent me a sample of its then-new Dual Illumination Night Sights. So, I decided to replace the FKS-9’s issue sights.

The front sight installs just like any other Glock sight, and you’ll need the front sight tool to tighten it. Trijicon’s DI Night Sight features a green fiber optic rod powered day and night by a tritium capsule behind it. It is ultra bright in any light and even old eyes, like mine, have no problem finding it on presentation.

The rear sight features two tritium lamps on either side of the deep “U” notch. Correspondingly, it is drift adjustable in its dovetail for windage correction.

Shooting the ZRO FKS-9

Before adding an optic to the FKS-9, I fired some groups with the Trijicon DI sights. My first group was just slightly to the left. But after some gentle tapping with a brass punch, I eventually got my groups centered on the 2-inch Shoot N C target that I set up at 15 yards.

I was immediately impressed with the crisp FKS-9 trigger. My test sample broke at 4 pounds 13 ounces.

Testing for accuracy, I mounted a Riton X3 Tactix MPRD (Micro Pistol Red Dot) on the Shield optics plate. The X3 Tactix MPRD features a 3 MOA dot with ten different brightness levels. It is powered by a common CR2032 battery. Riton claims one of these cheap and readily available batteries can provide up to 50,000 hours of life!

It uses the Shield footprint, is night vision compatible, and has a 12-hour auto shut-off. The red dot weighs just 6/10ths of an ounce, uses premium Japanese glass, and boasts a lifetime warranty! What’s not to like, right?

With my targets set out at 15 yards, I fired all of my groups from a seated rest using a DOA Tactical shooting bench with the ZRO FKS-9’s dust cover resting on a Millett BenchMaster. It just took ten rounds to get the gun dialed in precisely.

I used Fiocchi 115-grain FMJ Range ammunition to sight the optic in. One of my groups with this load measured just 1.29 inches. This was the second-best group fired through the ZRO FKS-9.

My very best 5-shot group, of 1.22 inches, was fired with Hornady’s American Gunner 115-grain XTP ammunition. Federal’s 124-grain JHP Punch loads churned up an impressive 382-foot pounds of energy. I’m looking forward to working more with this 9mm load in the future!

Oh FK!

During the first 100 rounds, I had four failures. Two were failures to feed malfunctions, and the other two were failures to eject. Each failure occurred with a different ammunition. 

I did a quick disassembly, and yes, it takes down exactly like a Glock pistol. So, I scrubbed the frame and slide rails with a nylon brush and Ballistol and then relubricated the rails with a thick viscosity gun oil. After racking the slide a couple dozen times to distribute the oil, I fired another 200 rounds.

I set out two of my MGM BC C-Zone steel targets—at 15 and 20 yards. Then, I practiced doubletaps, controlled pairs, and target transitions. The ZRO FKS-9 ticked right along and never stuttered again.

Before I packed up my gear, I loaded a magazine with three rounds of each of the ammunitions I had used to test the gun for accuracy. I wanted to make absolutely sure the hiccups had been worked out, and it was “carry-worthy.”

Again, the ZRO FKS-9 fired all rounds without a bobble. At this point, I’ll assume the four failures were just part of the break-in process. Two hundred fifteen rounds without a stoppage is convincing enough for me!

Giving a FK

I enjoyed my range time with the ZRO FKS-9 pistol. It possesses plenty of custom features and a really great trigger right out of the box. And, after the break-in, it demonstrated the reliability needed for a serious carry gun.

Prices for the FKS-9 start at $399 and that’s a lot of gun for the money. So, use the money you save on practice ammo!

For more information, please visit

ZRO Delta FKS-9 Specs

Caliber/Capacity 9mm, 15 + 1
Overall Length 6.75 inches
Height 5.00 inches
Width 1.25 inches
Weight 21.5 Ounces
Frame Textured Black Polymer, 18ᵒ Grip Angle, Enhanced Beavertail, Undercut Trigger Guard, Indexing Pads
Slide 416 Stainless with Black Nitride Coating
Barrel 4 inch, 4140 Precision Match 
Safeties Trigger Blade Safety, Passive Striker Block
Trigger Test Gun Trigger Broke at 4 Pounds 13 Ounces
Sights White dot Front Sight, Serrated Rear Sight Drift Adjustable for Windage Correction
Suggested Retail Starting at $399, as tested $499


Ammo Velocity Group
Aguila 147-grain FMJ FP 937 1.63”
Doubletap 115-grain +P  Solid Copper Hollow Point 1159 1.77”
Federal Punch 124-grain JHP 1178 1.82”
Fiocchi Range 115-grain FMJ 1141 1.29”
Hornady American Gunner 115-grain XTP 1130 1.22”
Average   1.55”

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