Shooting the Springfield Model 2020 Redline Rifle

by Vern Evans

Are you in the market for a new hunting rifle? How about a rifle to hang over the mantel in case the perfect meal walks by your cabin door? Either way, if you are shopping for a new bolt-action rifle, you really should check out the Springfield Armory Model 2020 Redline series of rifles. Available (currently) in .308 or 6.5 Creedmoor, rifles come with either a 16- or 20-inch barrel length. 

Shooting the Springfield Model 2020 Redline

Springfield Armory certainly needs no introduction and seems to be hard at work bringing the firearms community neat and innovative new boom sticks. The Model 2020 Redline is a great choice for trekking the mountains, as it won’t feel like the weight of a belt-fed machine gun after a few hours out on your hunt. My fellow “Ground Pounders” will understand that last reference all too well.

For this T&E, I chose the .308 version as it’s an all-time classic American choice. Most small-town hardware stores, and even some gas stations that still carry ammo, almost always carry .308 in store. It’s one of America’s favorite rounds for North American Whitetail, as well as many other four-legged critters roaming the woods. This Model 2020 Redline came with a 16-inch carbon-fiber barrel and weighs in at 6 pounds empty in its factory configuration (no optics). That’s not bad at all, especially if you plan on spending a few days walking the mountains looking for dinner. 

The Grayboe Trekker stock is very lightweight and built for backcountry hunting in mind. It comes in an Olive Drab color with what SA calls “Black Webbing” as the design and color breakup on the stock. Included just forward of the cheek comb is a handy bubble level that is built in to aid the shooter. There are three sling swivel mounts on this rifle; one can be used to mount a bipod as well.

Redline Receiver Details

The Model 2020 Redline receiver is made from stainless steel and painted in Mil-Spec Green Cerakote H-264. This is a great color choice for this rifle, as it will blend into various environments with ease. The bolt is made from 4140 tool steel and has a nitride coating to keep it slick and protected. The barrel is a beautiful 16-inch carbon-fiber barrel and is topped off with a removable SA Radial Muzzle Break. Springfield Armory includes a .75-MOA “guarantee” with this rifle due to the quality of the carbon-fiber barrel. The trigger is a TriggerTech, and its adjustable between 2.5-5 pounds.  

Springfield Armory includes a Remington Short Action Picatinny Rail mount on top for mounting optics. Speaking of optics, what type of scope does one put on a rifle like the SA Model 2020 Redline? Well, there are a ton of options out there, but for this setup, I chose an EOTech VUDU 3.5-18×50 with a Horus H59 reticle. This is a first focal plane (FFP) scope.

How Do You Vudu

The EOTech Vudu is made from aircraft grade aluminum and is a single-piece construction.  It is fog resistant, water resistant, shock resistant, and includes anti-reflective lenses. It retails with the H59 reticle for $2,049. Most of what I could find on the internet was a similar price. However, I was able to find this scope and reticle combo available from the EOTech Amazon store for $1,625.81 new in box. It appears to carry the exact same EOTech Vudu Advantage limited-lifetime warranty as the ones sold from EOTech’s website directly. 

The glass in the EOTech Vudu 3.518×50 FFP is crystal clear. The included quick-adjustment arm is a huge help in dialing quickly between magnification levels. Between the AR-coated high-density glass in the eye piece, and the anti-reflective CX high-density low-dispersion glass in the front, it really is a premium, quality sight picture. Precision as well as EZ-Clik tactical turrets make adjustments a cinch. The H59 (Horus) reticle is easy enough to decipher and see clearly. It’s a great dual-use reticle; you can use it for hunting as well as competition or target shooting. All in all, you just can’t go wrong with an EOTech Vudu branded optic. They are worth every penny in my humble opinion. 

As with every optic, one needs the proper mounts to set them in. For that, I turned to the experts at Warne. After looking on their website, I selected a set of Warne Mountain Tech 34mm low matte rings (7220M). While I was there, I also added in a Warne Vapor 34mm lightweight scope level (V652M), a Warne Skyline sling swivel accessory rail (7953M), and the legendary Warne Precision Bipod (7901M). Everything was simple to install and tough as they come, which is why I like Warne products. 

How’s It Shoot?

The Springfield Armory Model 2020 Redline is a very nice shooting rifle. The chassis for this rifle is a little different, but it serves it’s intended purpose, weight savings. It’s comfortable to shoulder and fire. Recoil isn’t bad at all thanks in part to the SA Radial Muzzle Break. One can spin that off and direct thread on a can. Speaking of a can, Silencer Central is currently offering a FREE tax stamp to anyone who purchases a can from them for a SA Model 2020 Redline (where legally applicable). 

The action is very smooth and easy to operate. I’m a southpaw and tested this rifle as such. I was able to acuate the bolt handle easy enough with my right hand, while not taking my left eye off of the EOTech Vudu FFP scope. I was little bothered that for the price, it only came with one three-round AICS Short-Action Magazine. It won’t kill Springfield’s budget to include another mag in the kit. Although, to be fair, the Model 2020 Redline comes factory with a really nice nylon heavy-duty gun case to keep the rifle and optics protected during transports.

Overall, the SA Model 2020 Redline is a very nice rifle. If your goal is lightweight for those long treks in the backcountry, then this rifle is most likely for you. The SA Model 2020 Redline is an ergonomically comfortable rifle to carry over long distances. Add your favorite glass, a sling, and when it’s dialed in, head for the hills to go bag dinner. 

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Springfield Armory Model 2020 Redline Specs

  • Caliber: .308 NATO (7.62×51)
  • Magazine Capacity: 3+1
  • Magazine Type: Polymer
  • Trigger Weight: 2.5-5 pounds, adjustable
  • Barrel Length: 16 inches
  • Weight: 6 pounds
  • Overall Length: 37.75 inches (factory configured)
  • Safety: Manual
  • Optic: EOTech Vudu 3.5-18×50 FFP (MSRP $2,049)
  • MSRP: $2,299 (w/o optic) 

Shooting Results: Springfield Model 2020 Redline

Load Velocity (fps) Accuracy (Inches)
Hornady Precision Hunter 178-grain ELD-X 2,600 1
Fiocchi Field Dynamics 165-grain PSP 2,700 0.9
Winchester 168-grain Open Tip 2,680 1.5
Federal 150-grain Non-Typical Whitetail SP 2,820 1.1

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