Savage TIMBER Series Bolt-Action, Semi-Auto Rimfire Rifles

by Vern Evans

Savage Arms just announced its newest line of rimfire rifles, one billed as designed for precision. The Savage TIMBER Series offers up both bolt-action and semi-auto platforms, each precision-engineered for performance.

Savage TIMBER Series Rimfire Rifles

The new line comes in several popular rimfire cartridges, including .22 LR, 17 HMR, and .22 WMR. The line also offers three different variants in build: TIMBER Thumbhole, TIMBERlite Thumbhole, and TIMBERlite. Each comes with a 20 MOA Picatinny rail, 10-round rotary magazine and threaded barrel.

“This new TIMBER series is perfect for every Savage shooter from seasoned marksmen to newcomers just getting their start,” said Savage Arms’ Rimfire Product Manager Brett McKenna. “The three available lines provide users with options to match their preference, whether that is a classic wood stock or a lightweight option that does not compromise durability. The TIMBER Series promises an unparalleled shooting experience, we’re thrilled to finally announce this extension to the Savage line.”

The TIMBER Thumbole features an elegant, ambidextrous wood thumbhole design. A 2.5-6 pound user-adjustable AccuTrigger and two sling studs provide user utility. The TIMBERLite utilizes a CarbonWood Laminate Stock and Carbon Fiber Wrapped Stainless Steel Barrel. It comes in 40-percent lighter than wood, weighing 5.1 pounds. The TIMBERlite Thumbhole combines the thumbhole stock with the reduced weight of the TIMBERlite. Weighing 5.3 pounds, the TIMBERlite Thumbhole provides a unique blend of upgraded components and performance.

Prices start at $499. For more info, visit

Savage TIMBER Series Rifles

  • 70217 / 22 LR B-Series TIMBER Thumbhole / $499
  • 70817 / 17 HMR B-Series TIMBER Thumbhole / $499
  • 70517 / 22 WMR B-Series TIMBER Thumbhole / $499
  • 47247 / 22 LR A-Series TIMBER Thumbhole / $478
  • 70218 / 22 LR B-Series TIMBERLite Thumbhole / $600
  • 70818 / 17 HMR B-Series TIMBERLite Thumbhole / $600
  • 70518 / 22 WMR B-Series TIMBERLite Thumbhole / $600
  • 47253 / 22 LR A-Series TIMBERLite Thumbhole / $555
  • 70219 / 22 LR B-Series TIMBERLite / $989
  • 70819 / 17 HMR B-Series TIMBERLite / $989
  • 70519 / 22 WMR B-Series TIMBERLite / $989
  • 47255 / 22 LR A-Series TIMBERLite / $1030

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