Mossberg International Gold Reserve Excels in the Field

by Vern Evans

In the realm of shotguns, few names carry the weight and reputation of Mossberg, and the Mossberg International Gold Reserve line of over-under scatterguns serves as a prime example of the brand’s commitment to excellence. With a heritage steeped in tradition and a reputation for reliability, the Gold Reserve line seamlessly blends classic design with modern innovation. Read on as we take a closer look at the new 20-gauge addition to this line, the many features that encompass it, and what we believe makes it stand out as a favorite amongst a sea of over-unders on the market.

Mossberg International Gold Reserve

I’ll be the first one to say that “a gun doesn’t have to be pretty, it just has to shoot.” With the 20-gauge Gold Reserve that laid before me, it was safe to say Mossberg easily covered both bases. The stock’s Grade A black walnut, with an eye-catching satin finish, ensures the shotgun looks good but also provides superior composition. Complimenting the stock, an intricately engraved, polished receiver exhibits scrollwork and delicate gold inlay.

Along the grip and forend of the stock, you will find a fine checkering, carefully placed for optimal grip, with a 30-inch polished blued steel barrel lying within said stock. All of the aforementioned characteristics, typically reserved for shotguns priced at prices making your wallet cry, come at a fraction of the cost. The powers-that-be at Mossberg offer it all up to their loyal customers.

Clays & Feather Features

Catering to both upland game hunters and clay shooters alike, there are features aplenty to cater to the specific needs of those taking part in such activities. With this shotgun, you will receive a five-piece extended sport set that includes the following:  Skeet, Improved Cylinder, Modified, Improved Modified, and Full. These interchangeable choke tubs are an essential tool for hunters and clay shooters alike as they allow one barrel to be dedicated for longer-range shots while the other can be used for shots at much closer ranges. 

Moving back to the barrel, you will notice a 10mm-wide vented rib running its entire length, seemingly drawing a straight line from the shooter’s eye to the clay bird flying through the sky… or perhaps an unlucky mallard! Since every duck hunter knows the skies are never dry, sunny, and a warm 75 degrees, Mossberg has manufactured this gun with a chrome-lined bore and chamber to stave off corrosion. A gold-bead front sight aids in target acquisition as you bring your sights upwards toward the intended target. Lastly, the tang-mounted safety and barrel selector manipulates with ease by your thumb while keeping your eyes on the sky.

In the Field

When it came time to send rounds downrange, we chose the following 20-gauge shells: HEVI-Shot HEVI XII  #6 Shot, Fiocchi Field Dynamics Steel Dove Loads #7 Shot, and Remington’s American Clay & Field #8 Shot. When it came to performance, the 20-gauge Gold Reserve delivered. One by one shells from each of our three test loads were fed into each barrel, and after each shot were ejected with ease. While all offerings performed well in our testing, it was Remington’s American Clay & Field that rose to the top when it came to pellets placed within a 21-inch circle at 25 yards. 

This over-under has a well-balanced design, allowing for a smooth and effortless swing up to your target, meeting your cheek without a second thought, thus allowing you to keep your focus on your target. The crisp trigger provides quick and confident shots time and time again, and when combined with minimal felt recoil, you are able to get back on your target in no time flat should you have given it too much lead the first go-around!  

Mossberg International Gold Reserve: Built to Perform

One word can sum up the performance and our overall experience with the new 20-gauge Gold Reserve offering, and that is trusted. Time and time again, Mossberg has released scatterguns that are dependable, reliable, and trusted workhorses for the millions of people worldwide lucky enough to own one… or several! With their rich heritage and commitment to quality, Mossberg continues to set the standard for excellence in the firearms industry. This new launch is a prime example of this commitment, embodying the brand’s dedication to innovation, reliability, and meeting the unique needs and preferences of their consumers. Whether you’re hunting wild pheasants or busting clays, the Gold Reserve stands ready to deliver an unmatched shooting experience that is sure to leave a lasting impression and help you bring home the gold. 

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