Meridian Defense Corp’s All-American-Made AK

by Vern Evans

Let’s talk a little dirty, shall we … Little Dirty-S, that is. The Meridian Defense Corp Little Dirty-S brings a 100% American-made variant of the AK to market. But the dirty comes in this highly improved design built for close quarters combat.

Meridian Defense Corp Little Dirty-S

The Little Dirty-S comprises a fully adjustable, suppressor-ready platform. It features a combination of fully machined billet 4140 steel heat treated to 41-43Rc trunion, bolt, and forged carrier. Meanwhile, an adjustable gas block, also fully machined, offers four positions, including standard gas settings, suppressor with supersonic ammo, suppressor with subsonic ammo, and off.

An MDC-FFG Performance Trigger comes as a drop-in design. It features a 3.5-pound pull, blinding the classic AK look with improved performance. A 4150 CHF barrel utilizes black nitride coating. It comes with a custom twist rate, ensuring optimal performance with both subsonic and supersonic ammo. A BD2-K two-port muzzle brake hybrid accommodates Dead Air Sandman-L, Sandman-S, Sandman-K, KeyMo-equipped Nomad-30 or Primal suppressor.

The Little Dirty-S retails for $2,395. For more info, visit

Little Dirty-S Key Features

  • MDC Billet & Fully Machined Parts: Featuring a US-made fully machined billet Trunnion, Bolt, and Forged Carrier.
  • Adjustable Gas Block: Four settings for optimal performance, including settings for suppressor use and an ‘Off’ setting for covert operations.
  • MDC-FCG: A performance drop-in 3.5-pound trigger designed exclusively for the AK platform.
  • MDC-BTA: A fully machined Billet rear M4 Trunnion for compatibility with any M4 style stock assembly.
  • MDC-11.5 Barrel: Made from 4150 material, Black nitrided with a custom twist rate for subsonic/supersonic ammo use.
  • MDC Rail System: A 9-inch Mlok rail system & Gas tube for compatibility with a variety of accessories.

Editor’s Note:

Suppressor use on the AR-15 and bolt-action platforms continues its meteoric rise. But with smart component and upgrade choices seen here on the Little Dirty-S, you can bet more AK owners will want to join in. We love the AK, and at its best it remains a reliable war horse. At its worst though, modern accessory use can prove cumbersome to match up. There’s a lot of exciting choice in this build that seem to ease some of those problems. We hope to test one on the range real soon.

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