Luth-AR Fractional Twist AR Barrels Unlock Accuracy Potential

by Vern Evans

Looking to unlock the greatest accuracy potential for your AR-15? Then look no further than the new Luth-AR Fractional Twist AR Barrels with a 1:8 1/2 twist rate.

Luth-AR Fractional Twist AR Barrels

Whole-number twist rates dominate the AR market. We all own rifles using 1:7, 1:10, or 1:9 twist barrels; it’s the norm. And most users get better results with heavier bullets, including 75-, 77-, and 80-grain bullets, running 1:7 or 1:8 barrels. Conversely, shooting lighter bullets, including 55-, 60-, 62-, 68-, and 69-grain projectiles, typically pair with a 1:9 barrel.

Now Luth-AR offers something different, designed to effectively stabilize bullets ranging from 55 to 77 grains. Rather than turning to a custom builder, Luth-AR offers 1:8 1/2 Fractional Twist AR Barrels at factory prices.

The 1:8 1/2 twist rate strikes a balance between stability and versatility, according to Luth-AR. It aims to capture the sweet spot between twist rate that cater to only heavy or light bullets. Instead, the fractional barrel works with a range of bullets, perfect for the shooter that hunts, target shoots or goes after long-range target engagements.

The new line launches with three different models. A new 20-inch Bull barrel comes button broached in 416 SST. Shooters can also choose between a similar 20-inch Fluted Bull Barrel or 20-inch Heavy Barrel. Testing by Randy Luth delivered excellent accuracy at 100 yards with a wide range of bullet weights.

Prices start at $229.95. For more info, visit

Editor’s Take:

When it comes to the AR-15, few people alive own the resume or experience of Randy Luth. The DPMS founder now turns his attention to building all the components and accessories to get the absolute most out of the AR platform. So it should come to no surprise Luth-AR turned its attention to this do-it-all barrel design. Randy is a competitive shooter, big-game hunter, long-range shooter and more. So if it works for him, it’s certainly worthy of consideration for your next AR build.

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