Gregg Ritz Leads Group Acquiring Thompson/Center Arms

by Vern Evans

Monster news out of the firearm industry for fans of Thompson/Center Arms. The company recently announced its acquisition by former owner Gregg Ritz. The move leverages a potential return to the venerable heyday of the brand. Ritz helped lead T/C during the early 2000s, achieving great success and brand awareness.

Gregg Ritz Acquires Thompson/Center Arms

“Thompson/Center Arms holds a special place in the hearts of hunters and shooters worldwide, and we are committed to honoring the past while driving inventiveness and growth,” said Gregg Ritz. “With the support of our dedicated team and loyal customers, I am confident that Thompson/Center Arms will continue to thrive in the years to come.”

Smith & Wesson took control of Thompson/Center back in 2006, and Ritz originally stayed involved after the acquisition. Then in 2021, S&W announced it planned to divest T/C. A previous owner of T/C, Ritz succeeded in media and manufacturing, elevating the brand through the award-winning Hunt Masters series on Outdoor Channel. Now he looks to bring T/C back to the lofty position he helped built it to once before.

For the uninitiated, Thompson/Center retains a near cult following in many American hunting camps. The company produced multiple muzzleloading and single-shot riffle/pistol platforms that became ubiquitous with whitetail hunting and more.

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Editor’s Note:

Big news here, and we believe hunters will see an immediate impact. Back in the day, T/C dominated the American hunting scene for some time, producing quality media showcasing their products whacking big-game animals across the country. We’re hopeful for the rebirth of the Encore and Contender lines, and more. We expect further development along the Pro Hunter lines as well, which Ritz helped launch nearly two decades ago.

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