All the Best New Shotguns for Duty, Defense & Sport

by Vern Evans

No tool in the gun bag embodies versatility quite like the ol’ scattergun. The pump-action shotgun remains a bedrock for home defense or on duty. High-end semi-autos dominate practical shooting, while their double-barreled cousins elevate clay sports. From turkey hunting to upland birds or even deer, there’s a armory full of special-purpose shotguns built for the job. And this year’s crop of new scatterguns bring much to the table. So here’s what we found among the best new shotguns released in 2024 for duty, defense and sport.

Best New Shotguns for 2024

Keltec KSG 410

After teasing us for close to six months, the wait is over. Keltec’s KSG 410 pump-action offers the same duel-tube versatility as the larger versions, plus a cool carry handle fiberoptic sight. The firing experience is so pleasant that Keltec refers to it as “recoilless.” (

Armscor VR 70

Filling the gap between the model 60 and model 80 is the new VR 70. A polymer lower mates to an aluminum upper for 12-gauge firepower with familiar AR-style controls. (

Mossberg Silver Reserve Eventide Waterfowl 

This new 12-gauge shotgun looks good enough to hang on the mantel but is inexpensive enough to leave in the duck blind. A durable Cerakote finish allows this new over/under scattergun to shrug off salt, sand, and the worst mother nature can throw at it. (

Mossberg 590 Thunder Ranch

If you plan to fight hard, you gotta train hard. Mossberg’s new 590 pays homage to the venerable Clint Smith and his training facility with its most feature-packed pump yet. Cut to accept optics, this 12-gauge pump-action also features a signature Cerakote paint job and a reduced length of pull to work in harmony with body armor and tac vests. (

Midland Turkey

Known for its fold-over designs, Midland released the perfect tool for the turkey hunter. With a 24-inch barrel and a Benelli/Mobile choke system, this single-shot is ready to scatter feathers. Those looking to dip a toe into the sport or keep a handy backup gun are urged to check this one out. (

Tokarev TX3 Hammer 

Home defense weapons don’t have to be expensive, but they have to be reliable. Imported by SDS, the TX3 has earned our trust and now comes in a no-nonsense version built for business. A polymer stock set and a white front bead help to bring the MSRP of this 12-gauge pump down to $179 without making concessions in quality. (

Tokarev TTF Titan

Tokarev keeps its momentum going with a gas-operated 12-gauge for under $200. Polymer furniture, an overall length of 38 inches, and a five-round capacity make it a top choice for home defense. The dovetailed receiver also makes it easy to add a red dot. (

Benelli Performance Shop ETHOS Supersport AI

No, this isn’t the first shotgun built by Artificial Intelligence, as that’s how you get SKYNET. Benelli’s AI series is short for Advanced Impact and fields its newest innovation in barrel technology. Through special contours in the bore, this Supersport produces tighter patterns and more downrange energy. (

Benelli Super Black Eagle Compact

The little guys never get any respect until now. Known for dominating the field without missing a beat, the Super Black Eagle has always been the hunter’s top choice in semi-automatics. For 2024 a line of compacts will be available in 12, 20, and 28 gauge. Each has a shorter barrel and a 13-1/8-inch length of pull to better fit fun-sized shooters. (

Franchi Affinity 3 – Sport-Trap

With defensive shotgun ownership through the roof, it’s only natural to see a boost in shotgun shooting sports as well. Franchi’s latest semi-auto is designed for entry-level competition and features a 30-inch barrel, a stepped ventilated rib, oversized controls, and a beveled loading port. That’s a lot of Franchi for just $999 MSRP. (

Franchi Affinity 3 – Max 7

Inertia-driven semi-autos get the job done with fewer parts, making them inherently more reliable. Duck hunting is tough on guns, as our feathered friends prefer the weather that wants to kill your gear. The Affinity has always been up to the task and now comes coated in Realtree Max-7 camo for one of the most realistic marsh patterns available. (

Stoeger – M3000 Signature

If you’ve been doing something right for 100 years, you might as well celebrate it with a commemorative piece. The M3000 Signature is the fanciest 3000 yet. Featuring a satin-finished nickel receiver complete with fleur-de-lis engraving encapsulated by satin walnut furniture, this scattergun looks almost too fine to shoot. (

Stoeger – M3500 Predator/Turkey Shotgun

Turkey feathers might as well be made of Kevlar, and most coyotes aren’t brave enough to come within 50 yards of you. Therefore, 3.5-inch magnum shells make the best medicine. Stoeger’s new semi-auto is designed to take this heavy-hitting fodder while displaying the best camo finish and feature set for the job. (

Tristar Phoenix Side by Side

If you missed out on buying a good side-by-side when they were popular, consider this your second chance. The Phoenix is available in either 12- or 20-gauge, features a gorgeous case-hardened finish, and accepts Benelli/Mobile chokes. (

Tristar Cypher X

A do-all shotgun with a touch of flair, the Cypher X is available in the top five most common gauges and features a 3-inch chamber, making it equally suited for hunting as it is target shooting. (

Browning 20-gauge A5 Hunter

Beloved by generations, the A5 is back with a simplified operating system and a new 20-gauge chambering. The Hunter is lightweight, features a high-gloss stock, and offers enough punch to drop birds without losing a whole lot of meat. (

American Tactical Alpha-Maxx SGA

.410 is great for home defense; ARs are great for home defense; why not mash ‘em up? This smoothbore AR from ATI offers a detachable box magazine, adjustable stock, and all the M-LOK you need to run lights and lasers. (

Spandau S2

The Spandau S2 is an excellent option for waterfowlers or turkey hunters looking for a reliable, inertia-driven shotgun without the associated price tag. Available in four configurations, there’s a gun for everyone. (

Escort BullTac

Bullpup shotguns tighten things up without sacrificing barrel length or capacity. The pump-action BullTac offers a slick carry handle sight, QD sling sockets, a full 18-inch barrel, and an MSRP that won’t let you think twice. It’s also available in a semi-automatic. (

Winchester SXP Upland Field

Tired of over/unders getting all the fancy treatment? Winchester’s newest SXP is a dolled-up pump-action for those who enjoy the utility of this time-honored system but also appreciate a touch of flair. Turkish Walnut and an engraved nickel-plated receiver are just as striking in the field as they are above the fireplace. (

CZ 1012 G2

One would think that CZ would be crazy to change this record-setting shotgun, but for 2024, it’s getting an American-targeted feature set. This inertia-driven shotgun’s claim to fame is a 5,000 string of fire without so much as an oiling. That’s a lot of birds, my friend. (

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